Women’s lax takes down national champs

In a major upset, the W&L Women’s Lacrosse team beat No. 8 Salisbury, 9-8

Julia Wilson

On March 7th on Wilson Field, the Washington and Lee Women’s Lacrosse team took down defending national champs Salisbury with a final score of 9-8.

Salisbury is currently ranked eighth in the nation. The W&L captains all agreed that it was an exciting win, a victory that they attribute to the team’s competitiveness, leadership, and determination.    

“One thing our coaches really wanted us to bring to the Salisbury game was the will to compete,” said captain Melissa Coggins, ’16.

With a smaller team than usual, Head Coach Brooke Diamond O’Brien and the captains said they believe leadership among all grades on the team is necessary, and that every player contributed to the team’s success.

“Because we are such a small team, our coaches have put an emphasis on leadership in all four grades, so even the freshmen and sophomores have stepped up,” explained captain Sammy Yates, ’15.

“Not being afraid to make a mistake and putting in your all is important too,” added captain Cara Mulligan, ’15.

Defender Katie McCartin, ’15, said that W&L’s strong defense was crucial in their win.

“We implemented an entirely new defense this year,” said McCartin. “It has worked out really well. We held Salisbury to eight goals.”

O’Brien explained just how big of a step this win was for the women’s lacrosse program at W&L.

“It’s a big win,” O’Brien said. “They have won the last two [national] championships. I believe it’s the second time in school history that we have beaten them.”

O’Brien also said that she was proud of the way her team competed and how well they sticked to the game plan.

“As a coach, it is always exciting for the team to see a positive outcome when they do what you ask.”