General of the Week: Haley Tucker, ’19

Haley Tucker, ‘19, is a forward for the W&L women’s field hockey team. Tucker recorded her first career hat trick in the General’s 4-3 overtime win over Lynchburg on Sept. 27, scoring all 3 goals within the opening 12:17 of the game. She was named ODAC Field Hockey Player of the Week. The Phi talked with Tucker, from Manakin-Sabot, Va., about her success and the team’s goals for the season.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info

Larkin Holtzman

The Ring-tum Phi: First off, congratulations on your hat trick in the win against Lynchburg and on being named ODAC Player of the Week! What are some of the team’s goals for the rest of the season?

Haley Tucker: Thank you so much! Our main goal this season is to win the ODAC championship. We’ve fallen short the last two years, and I think we are all really focused on bringing the title home this year. We also always have the goal of being a family and looking out for each other all the time and making sure that we are upholding the good reputation that those who’ve come before us have established for the field hockey team. Another main goal we have is to be just as strong and committed to excelling academically as we are athletically. We are students first, and as a team we want to reach our full potential as students and as athletes.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info

Phi: What about personal improvements as a player?

HT: I think personally I’ve really been focusing on my mental game and having really effective field vision. As a captain, it’s really important to keep a level head in practice, as well as in tense game moments, so that’s something I’m constantly working on as well. Also, I always try to be someone anyone on the team is comfortable coming to with anything.

The Phi: How do you think you have evolved as a player throughout your college career?

HT: I think throughout the last two years, and so far in my junior season, the main improvement I’ve seen personally is my confidence. I’m not afraid to fail as long as I fail at 100 percent. Also, my game sense and decision-making has gotten a lot better.

The Phi: Do you or the team have any pregame rituals/habits?

HT: I always have the same breakfast before games (eggs, avocado toast and a banana) and Olivia Hewitt braids my hair the exact same way every game.  As a team, we all write a word on one of our teammate’s wrists as a way to motivate us and re-focus us during games.

The Phi: Besides field hockey, what are you most looking forward to this year at W&L?

HT: This year I’m really excited to take more of my major classes and also branch out and take some classes in different fields. I also cannot wait for my abroad friends to come back…it’s been so weird to be here without them!