All three Woods Creek apartments renovated

Long-awaited updates to housing are complete


Renovations include wooden decks built on to all three Woods Creek apartment buildings. Photo by Hannah Denham, ’20

Jin Ni

The Woods Creek apartments, one of the residential options for upper division students, went under its final transformation this past summer.

East and Central underwent renovations in 2018 and 2017 respectively, and West is the last complex to receive renovations. Each apartment now includes granite countertops, new furniture, hardwood flooring, full-sized XL beds, updates to the bathroom layout and a washer and dryer.

Before undergoing renovations, Creek residents would often complain about the living conditions: mold growing behind walls, fungus growing in the shower stall and appliances that would break or not function properly.

“The building was old and it was time for things to be replaced so we [had] a lot of issues throughout the year,” Enkhee Dendev, ‘21, said. “It was just constant work orders.”

But now, residents rave about living there.

“Living in the Creek has been amazing. We’ve been able to cook multiple times a week, so I don’t have to eat microwaveable mac and cheese every night,” said Keren Katz, ‘22, who lives in one of the newly renovated apartments in West.

The three Woods Creek complexes, East, Central, and West, are located on East Denny Circle, and can house up to 178 residents.