Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are selfish to shirk their royal duties

The royal couple appears to want the best of both worlds, Diana Sturdy writes

Diana Sturdy

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the young British royal couple, de livered news last week that shocked not only the public, but the royal family itself. Meghan and Harry decided to step down from their senior status and relieve themselves of their royal duties in order to live a more private life.

The couple plans to split their time between the UK and Canada, where Meghan’s mother lives, according to news reports. The couple has also opted to cut themselves off from the royal funds and earn their own income.

Signs of the royal couple’s unhappiness is evident in the harshness of the British tabloids and the couple’s recent choice to spend the holidays in Canada instead of participating in the usual royal festivities. The couple’s choice has devasted the remainder of the royal family, who insists that they had no knowledge of the couple’s plan to abandon their royal duties.

Coverage by the New York Times and the Washington Post have accused the British tabloids of forcing Meghan out of the country with their alleged racist and sexist attitudes. Fox News reported that the royal family feared that if Prince Harry and Meghan’s request to remove themselves was not approved, then the couple may accuse the family of being racist and sexist toward Meghan.

Queen Elizabeth publicly announced her approval of the couple’s request to step back from their royal duties following a large meeting with Harry and much of the royal staff. However, Meghan did not attend the meeting or call in as she had already moved to Canada.

Although supporters of Princess Diana and progressive individuals have applauded Meghan and Harry’s choice, many others including myself see it as a disrespectful and selfish move.

Harry grew up in the royal family and understands his duties to this group, and has nonetheless chosen to selfishly neglect them despite all the advantages they have awarded him in the past.

Meghan married into the responsibilities of the royal family fully aware of what was expected of her and with the knowledge of the harshness of the British tabloids. The situation is particularly disgraceful given the circumstances under which Queen Elizabeth grew up. Her mother refused to flee the palace with her children during World War II because, she said at the time, neither her nor her children would leave without the king, who would never abandon his country.

The fact that Meghan and Harry have chosen to abandon their post is shameful and selfish. The couple appears to want the best of both worlds: no responsibilities or protocol to follow, but with the full benefits of their titles and status. Only time will tell how the royal couple fares on their own, but I doubt they will be able to make it without abusing their royal connections.