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Joe Biden’s first 100 days: a success story

Connor McNamara May 19, 2021
From beneath the shadow of historical giants, Biden comes out swinging

Joe Biden’s first 100 days: average at best

Jess Kishbaugh May 19, 2021
Biden made a lot of promises for his first 100 days of presidency. Overall he did... okay

Imaginary currency, real consequences

Tori Johnsson May 19, 2021
How cryptocurrencies work and why they don’t fit into a sustainable future

Satire: corruption at its core

Tyler Palicia May 19, 2021
The strange and terrible saga of Washington and Lee’s co-op

Tacos at the Southern Inn?

Mary Alice Russell May 19, 2021
Look no further than Main Street for some of the best tacos in town

A hint of optimism, resurfaced

Bri Hatch April 13, 2021

As my roommate left our room for her final in-person class of the academic year (at a ripe 8:20 a.m.), she looked back incredulously and said: “What if this is the last class I ever go to with a mask...

Bottom line: Don’t watch Godzilla vs. Kong

Tyler Palicia April 13, 2021

Last weekend, I watched the recently released “Godzilla vs. Kong,” and it was exactly what I expected. I’m still suffering from CGI sickness. It was really bad.  You may be thinking: “Well...

An ameteur foodie’s battle of the dishes

Annalisa Waddick April 13, 2021

Alright, I’ll be honest. That deck was a bit of a lie.  I didn’t actually try everything on Napa Thai’s menu. I’m not made of money, people.  But I did try 13 main dishes, eight appetizers,...

Should students travel out-of-state for COVID-19 vaccines?

Connor McNamara March 30, 2021
As vaccine rollout continues to differ by state, are there limits to how far we should go to get one?

The right wing’s phony position on censorship

Tyler Palicia March 30, 2021
Cancel culture wasn't just invented by aggrieved liberals within the past election cycle

No one needs an AR-15, but America needs less gun violence

Jess Kishbaugh March 30, 2021
Is owning a big gun more important than the lives of other human beings?
Students will miss the E-cafe's bagels, flatbreads and smoothies while Hillel is temporarily closed. Photo by Lilah Kimble, '21.

Why Hillel’s E-cafe was the best place to eat on campus

Annalisa Waddick March 30, 2021
Incredible food, a great location, and wonderful staff: what more could a person want?
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