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Letter to the editor: A letter from the Mock Convention Political Chair

Mock Convention Political Chair John Harashinski, '20, explains the contested convention on February 14, 2020. Photo by Lilah Kimble.

John Harashinski

April 13, 2020

After Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race, John Harashinski, '20, explains the difficulty of the 2020 primary election

Letter to the editor: To the class of 2020

The Class of 2020, during their first-year orientation week in August 2016. 
Photo by Kevin Remington.

Will Bolton

April 13, 2020

Executive Committee President Will Bolton, '20, addresses the class of 2020

Eleven multicultural dishes to cure sickness

Multicultural Student Association Board

March 30, 2020

We can’t say we know what you’re going through, because Washington and Lee University students have such a plethora of backgrounds that it’s hard to really comprehend how this affects everyone. But even the most obnoxious of situations have opportunities for growth. And while we can’t know exact...

An open letter to administrators: Students need more than just a pass/fail option to virtually succeed

Danika Brockman

March 30, 2020

I know the entire administration at Washington and Lee University is working very hard to ensure students are able to continue their education with as much accommodation as possible. For those efforts, I am truly thankful. I wanted to voice a concern you all have surely considered but I would like to ...

Finding housing when I was told to leave

Jin Ni, '22, moved into her new home. Photo courtesy of Jin Ni.

Jin Ni

March 30, 2020

A Ring-tum Phi reporter shares her experience facing discrimination and difficulty finding a place to stay

Fieldside’s flatbread of the week is spectacularly southern

Anna Luttrell

March 17, 2020

Anna Luttrell, '21, reviews Fieldside's flatbread options

Add these things to your senior year bucket list

Josette Corazza

March 17, 2020

The ultimate senior bucket list, by Josette Corazza, '20

Pete Buttigieg’s dropout shows that marginalization is not subjective

Tori Johnsson

March 17, 2020

"The main lesson I took from Buttigieg’s campaign is proof that experiencing one kind of marginalization doesn’t automatically make someone any better at understanding others."

Take time to prioritize your mental health

Bri Hatch

March 17, 2020

Bri Hatch, '23, reviews the university's mental health screening

Opinion: Washington and Lee must consider its most marginalized students in coronavirus response

Washington Hall, from the steps of Lee Chapel. Photo by Hannah Denham.

Chase Isbell

March 13, 2020

Chase Isbell, '21, said he hopes the administration will take into account the needs of low-income and marginalized students

Cameron Kasky embodies our generation

Cameron Kasky spoke during Session Three of Mock Convention. Photo by Lilah Kimble.

Virginia Laurie

February 18, 2020

“I didn’t like the kid,” one of my peers said recently. He was referring to Cameron Kasky, co-founder of March for Our Lives and the #NeverAgain gun control movement, college student and one of the speakers in Session Three of Mock Convention this past Saturday. When I asked why he hadn’t...

Opinion: Bernie Sanders, the magic socialist

Tyler Palicia

February 16, 2020

Tyler Palicia, '23, agrees with Mock Convention 2020's prediction

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