The Ring-tum Phi

The fitness center frenzy

Melinda Kauffman

May 9, 2016

It’s 10 in the morning on a Monday and you are planning to stop by the fitness center for exactly forty minutes before your next class. You sign in and head straight for the treadmills, but every single one is taken. In fact, not a single cardio machine is available and while you could come back lat...

Fitness Center policy sparks controversy, conversation

W&L community members and Fitness Center staff gather to discuss the dress code controversy. Photo by Ellen Kanzinger, '18.

Courtney Knight

May 9, 2016

Recent viral coverage of controversy surrounding Washington and Lee’s gym dress code prompted the W&L Fitness Center staff to hold an open forum Thursday addressing the issue and receive constructive feedback from gym users on campus. The frustrations with the dress code, which does not allow cert...

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