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The EC released in a statement on August 30th: “given that the honor system at Washington and Lee University is not codified, the Executive Committee does not have the constitutional power to [preemptively] determine whether or not violations of the COVID-19 community guidelines will constitute honor violations.”

A duty to honor

J.C. Ward, Jr. September 10, 2020

As Washington and Lee University students begin classes on campus for the first time since March, there is much excitement. But, there is also significant anxiety about the safety of the campus and that...

Executive Committee task force to raise awareness about Honor System

Alison Murtagh May 9, 2016

Following two major honor investigations during the 2016-2017 school year, Washington and Lee University’s Executive Committee is planning to increase understanding among students and professors of the...

What the Executive Committee doesn’t do

Mac Trammell April 4, 2016

As the body charged with upholding Washington and Lee’s Honor System, the Executive Committee is seen by many as the judiciary body of W&L. Members of the EC decide the fate of students accused of...

honor 2

What the Executive Committee doesn’t do: The Phi weighs in

The Ring-tum Phi Staff April 4, 2016

In this week’s “Questioning Honor” article, What the Executive Committee doesn’t do, The Ring-Tum Phi explores the roles and responsibilities of Washington and Lee’s three judiciary bodies: the...

Executive Committee responds to the “Questioning Honor” series

W&L's Executive Committee April 4, 2016

The past five issues of the Ring-tum Phi, concluding with today’s issue, have included articles aimed at educating our student body on the Honor System that we as W&L students hold so dear. The Executive...

The investigation process: An honor violation accusation

Jordan Cohen March 17, 2016

When a member of the Washington and Lee community suspects an honor violation, they are encouraged -- but not required -- by the White Book to report the action in question to the president of the Executive...

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