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Mock Convention Political Chair John Harashinski, '20, explains the contested convention on February 14, 2020. Photo by Lilah Kimble.

Letter to the editor: A letter from the Mock Convention Political Chair

John Harashinski April 13, 2020
After Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race, John Harashinski, '20, explains the difficulty of the 2020 primary election
Mock Convention 2020 announces its nomination of Sen. Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Party's presidential candidate, Saturday, Feb. 15. Photo by Lilah Kimble.

Mock Convention’s predicted nominee suspends bid for president

Elizabeth Bell April 13, 2020
Mock Convention is projected to make a seventh incorrect prediction
Cameron Kasky spoke during Session Three of Mock Convention. Photo by Lilah Kimble.

Cameron Kasky embodies our generation

Virginia Laurie February 18, 2020

“I didn’t like the kid,” one of my peers said recently. He was referring to Cameron Kasky, co-founder of March for Our Lives and the #NeverAgain gun control movement, college student and one of...

Luke Basham, Democratic party analyst, stands at the podium to introduce the roll call.

Bernie Sanders wins Mock Con’s Democratic nomination after contested convention

Grace Mamon, Laura Calhoun, Jin Ni, and Vivek Kumar February 15, 2020

Washington and Lee University Mock Convention predicted Senator Bernie Sanders will be the Democratic nominee for the 2020 presidential election, after a projected contested convention for the first time...

Mock Con 2020’s Delegates’ Fair numbers exceed expectations

Mock Con 2020’s Delegates’ Fair numbers exceed expectations

Amelia Lancaster September 15, 2019
About 90 percent of the student body signed up to participate in next year’s Mock Convention
First place winner Guam shows off with a hot tub on the float. Photo by

State delegations parade into town

Caroline Jervis February 17, 2016

Floats rolled down Lexington’s Main Street on Friday morning, as state delegations displayed their state pride in Mock Convention’s Delegates’ Parade. Though Mock Convention is one of Washington...

Mock Con: The task before us

Conley Hurst February 8, 2016

The 2016 W&L Mock Convention is almost here. Anticipation is building, and, for those making the key decisions, so is the stress. By the end of this week, only one Republican candidate will remain...

Mock Convention: What are you looking forward to most?

Alex Kinzer February 8, 2016

After almost three years of preparation, Washington and Lee’s Mock Convention Weekend 2016 is only a few days away. Longtime members of the student-led organization are ready to show off all of their...

Mock Con Steering Committee meeting

Delegations submit predictions ahead of Mock Convention

Kinsey Grant February 8, 2016

Washington and Lee’s 26th Mock Convention kicks off next weekend. But the work for state chairs and delegates has been going on for months. All delegations submitted their predictions last week for...

Letter to the Editor

February 1, 2016

To the Editor, I am a recent alumna of Washington and Lee University and wanted to voice my opinion about Ann Coulter speaking at this year’s Mock Convention. As a country, we are hurdling toward a...

Students get presidential

Students get presidential

Callie Ramsey November 17, 2015

The Mock Convention Presidential Gala on Saturday marked the last major event for the organization before convention weekend in February. “Gala is of course a fundraiser, but it really generates hype,”...

Which Republican won? Debatable

Which Republican won? Debatable

Caroline Saltzman November 16, 2015

Ever since the first televised presidential debate in 1960 between Kennedy and Nixon, debates have developed into a touchstone of the American political society. The Republican and Democratic primary debates...

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