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Donald Trump Jr. slams the Biden administration and calls for support for his father’s presidential campaign.

Mock Convention failed to uphold Honor System values

We must consider the impact of the 2024 Mock Convention speakers during a time when democracy is at risk
Tom Maghie
March 12, 2024
A white haired man in a suit speaks, standing with two women in dresses. A news camera is in the left foreground.

Mike Pence talks presidential prospects, Trump in campus speech

The former vice president participated in an interview with Fox News anchor Bret Baier for 2024's Mock Convention
Melos Ambaye, Staff Writer
March 28, 2023
Mock Convention Political Chair John Harashinski, 20, explains the contested convention on February 14, 2020. Photo by Lilah Kimble.

Letter to the editor: A letter from the Mock Convention Political Chair

After Sen. Bernie Sanders dropped out of the presidential race, John Harashinski, '20, explains the difficulty of the 2020 primary election
John Harashinski
April 13, 2020
This photo, from Mock Convention 2020, shows students celebrating after announcing Mock Conventions nomination of Sen. Bernie Sanders as the Democratic Partys presidential candidate in 2020. A similar process will happen for the GOP presidential nominee this year. Photo by Lilah Kimble

Mock Convention’s predicted nominee suspends bid for president

Mock Convention is projected to make a seventh incorrect prediction
Elizabeth Bell
April 13, 2020
Luke Basham, Democratic party analyst, stands at the podium to introduce the roll call.

Bernie Sanders wins Mock Con’s Democratic nomination after contested convention

The 27th Mock Convention nominates Sanders for president
Grace Mamon, Laura Calhoun, Jin Ni, and Vivek Kumar
February 15, 2020
Mock Con 2020’s Delegates’ Fair numbers exceed expectations

Mock Con 2020’s Delegates’ Fair numbers exceed expectations

About 90 percent of the student body signed up to participate in next year’s Mock Convention
Amelia Lancaster
September 15, 2019
Trump calls in to thank the convention for their nomination and to answer questions posed by the Steering Committee. Photo by Ellen Kanzinger, ‘18.

Students react to Trump nomination

Students and faculty share thoughts on Mock Con’s prediction of Trump as Republican nominee
Faith Isbell
February 17, 2016

Mock Convention: What are you looking forward to most?

Mock Con leadership excited and hopeful about upcoming weekend
Alex Kinzer
February 8, 2016
Mock Con Steering Committee meeting

Delegations submit predictions ahead of Mock Convention

Mock Con state chairs research GOP candidates, unpredictable field makes it difficult to judge
Kinsey Grant
February 8, 2016
Students get presidential

Students get presidential

The Presidential Gala came amidst major leadership changes within Mock Convention
Callie Ramsey
November 17, 2015
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