A tradition of excellence

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Information.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Information.

Emily Kochard

The Women’s Track and Field Team is off to a successful start to the season, and its members are optimistic about their future meets.

Senior captain Jilian Katterhagen said she is impressed with the progress the team has made so far.

“The team as a whole began the season in a much more competitive place than we did last season,” she said. “Everyone’s marks are looking extremely promising for how early it is in the year, and I’m really excited to see where we can go from here.”

One of the team’s main goals for this season is to win ODACs.  Katterhagen emphasized the importance of mental preparation in being successful at meets.

“The key to success in meets, especially when you are competing in several different events, is to approach each individual race or attempt you take with a clear mind and purposeful focus,” she Katterhagen.

In a few weeks, the team will compete in Winston-Salem, N.C. against a number of Division I teams.  Katterhagen said that she views this as a chance to practice certain events.

“All of your preparation has been completed in practice, and a meet is simply the time to execute exactly what you’ve been working at all along, just with the added benefit of competitiveness and adrenaline.”