Traveller stop change

Maria Rachal

Starting this winter term, Traveller has moved its Davidson Park West stop, a stop on the corner of East Washington Street and Tucker Street which appeared on both the city and country transit lines, to the corner of East Washington Street and Varner Lane near the city of Lexington’s parking garage.

Washington and Lee Director of Public Safety and Traveller Advisor Ethan Kipnes said that the change comes in reaction to yearly concerns by private property owners near the old stop about student traffic causing trash problems and other minor disturbances.

“We just decided that it was in the best interest of everybody to try to find another location where we could still be able to provide the same service to students in that area that’s close enough by, but wouldn’t be impacting those folks in that area anymore,” Kipnes said.

Kipnes said that when the stop remained in the old location, nearby Greek organizations tried to maintain a rotating schedule of caring for the Traveller stop and picking up trash, but such a system deteriorated over the years.

The new stop location, due to its proximity to the Pi Kappa Phi fraternity house, is university property, so any disturbances caused by the site can be managed by the university directly.