All dressed up and nowhere to go

Yejean Kim, Staff Writer

The other day, a younger friend of mine came to me with a dilemma—she needed a dress for a fraternity function the night before Fancy Dress. The problem was not the absence of a dress—I have plenty and she does too. The problem was that even though the dress code was so vague, we knew exactly the kind of look everyone was expecting: that “fun and flirty” W&L party look most girls have gotten down to a science. My freshman year this look nearly always meant a dress and boots, but, as the years have gone by, thankfully this definition has expanded. But this time, my closet and my friend’s closet just weren’t fun and flirty enough.

Looking at photos of events I attended freshman year, my friends from home who went to other schools often remarked on how dressed up everyone was—for parties, for Lee Chapel, for date functions, for brunch, for church. I think in some ways it’s a Southern/East Coast thing. I’m from California where cutoffs and a nice sweater are acceptable for dinner at a nice restaurant, but that is a no-go here (as I’ve painfully learned).

Cultural differences aside (West Coast best coast) why is this? Why do I wear my nicest clothing out when I know I will be trapped in a vicious trifecta of dancing, beer pong, and porch shenanigans? Why must I put on jeans Saturday and Sunday mornings to go to Nikos and be hungover while eating my omelet?

So, in response to this woe that’s not really a woe, I think we should all make a new pact at W&L. Let’s all specify one day a week when we can all look like complete and utter crap, in public. Sweatpants, ratty t-shirts, dirty Converse—the works. Let’s all wear hoodies. I’ll even settle for a lace-up hockey jersey, as long as you’re wearing sweatpants. And then, once we’ve all gotten it down during the week, let’s all designate a party night when we can all just look terrible. Picture it: everyone can be in dad jeans and their oldest boat shoes, or leggings and a t-shirt, and for once no one will lament spilling a drink on themselves because who cares? You already looked horrible!

Honestly, I think it would be a thing of beauty. Because sundresses are fun and flirty and all, but you know what’s more fun and flirty? Not worrying about how you look and just having a good time.