My oh my, which pie should I try?

The annual Rockbridge County Pie Festival brings everyone together for a cause

Sesha Carrier

“Impossible” Coconut Custard. Gluten Free Key Lime. Classic Apple.

The Rockbridge County Pie Festival had something to satisfy every sweet tooth last Saturday.

This year’s event at Brewbaker Field marked the sixth annual festival in support of the Lexington Community Pool and its projects.

Both whole pies and slices were available for purchase, with proceeds going towards the pool’s youth swim program designed to allow greater access to the entire community.

Starting at 9 a.m., Washington and Lee students and local families were brought together through the many festivities, including pie eating contests, a bouncy house, relays and mud pie making. And, of course, a passion for pie.

“We thought it would be a nice bonding activity,” Uma Sarwadnya, ‘19, who attended the pie festival with her dorm hall, said. “Pie is uniting.”

Some students entered their own pies, like Monette Carli, ’17, who won first place in her category last year.

“I love to bake and I wanted to support the community,” Carli said. “I entered a key lime pie because it is one of my favorite recipes and it’s perfect for the warm weather.”

Although she did not place this year, she is looking forward to trying again next year.

The event also gave W&L students the opportunity to get involved in the community by volunteering to work at the festival. Several students assisted with everything from taking donations to face painting.

“My favorite part is seeing the whole community come together for pie but moreover to support the community pool and the local swim teams,” Alison Masson, ‘18, said. Masson helped by scooping up homemade vanilla ice cream to make pie a la mode.

When the organizers first decided that they wanted to start a fundraising event, they chose pie because it “is the quintessential American dessert,” according to a statement on the festival website.

While organizers did not respond to the Phi staff for comment, the event website also said, “Making [pie] is almost as fun as eating them. Pies are happy, homey and communal.”