Spend your Fridays underground

Raise your coffee cup to the new way to spend Friday nights


Ellen Kanzinger '18

Students grab a cup of coffee at Friday Underground in 2019.

Caroline Saltzman

When it comes to Friday nights on campus, it seems that the only option for socializing is going to parties. But thanks to Kassie Scott, ‘18, and Matt Carl, ‘17, students can now spend their Fridays underground.

Scott and Carl founded the event Friday Underground, which takes place weekly from 8 p.m. to midnight.

According to Carl, it consists of three ingredients: “coffee, live music, free food.”

Students listen as Elliot Reza performs at Friday Underground.
Students listen as Elliot Reza performs at Friday Underground.

Located in Davidson Park, the Arts, Recreation and Culture House basement welcomes all W&L students with a different ambiance: the aroma of coffee, the buzz of chatter and twinkling lights all fill the basement.

Scott dreamt the idea while thinking about the social scene and the lack of alcohol-free events, which she said felt almost like an underground dream.

“It’s really about being able to express yourself freely as you would like,” Scott said. “You shouldn’t feel restricted at all in this environment.”

Friday Underground has been well received among students, with a substantial turnout for the first two nights.

“We went to Friday Underground because we were interested in seeing what it is about, and it’s a fun way to socialize without going to parties,” Zoe Ottaviani, ‘17, said.

The Friday Underground team knows that W&L is filled with talent, so they also want to make this an outlet for students to perform.

Caleigh Wells, ‘17, and Austin Frank, ‘17, performed folk and pop covers at the most recent Friday Underground and felt invigorated by the energy of the crowd.

“I’ve sung with Austin a lot since we started dating and I’ve always enjoyed sharing that with him, but Friday night felt like I was sharing it with everyone in the room,” Wells said.

Looking forward, Carl and Scott would love to see Friday Underground as a place that could move around, providing entertainment anywhere, on or off campus.

“I hope it stays very popular among students and that people will always see it as a space that we’ve described it as,” Carl said.

For students looking to stay in tune with Friday Underground, they can also follow the event team on Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, or Twitter with the hashtag: #FUDGWLU.