General of the week: Maggie Waxter

Maggie Waxter,‘17, forward for the Washington and Lee field hockey team, has been named General of the Week after scoring a hat trick in a game versus Catholic on Sept. 21. The Generals came out with a 3-2 win over the Cardinals.


Caroline Blackmon

Phi: Was that the first time you’ve scored a hat trick? What did it feel like?

MW: No, I scored one last year. Three goals don’t happen that much in field hockey be- cause it’s such a low scoring game, so the team always gets very excited.

Phi: Do you have any pregame rituals/habits?

MW: As a team, we say a chant right before we go on the field; “For those who have the will to win can never be beat.” And then we all scream.

Phi: Favorite pregame meal?

MW: I had chicken salad sandwich before the game so maybe I should start doing that more often.

Phi: How did you become interested in field hockey?

MW: My mom played in high school and she knew that I was the right build (short and closer to the ground) which is good for field hockey and I’m pretty feisty.

Phi: Favorite athlete?

MW: Alex Morgan is so cool. I watched her in the World Cup and she was sick. Jordan Spieth is pretty hot too.

Phi: What do you like about your position?

MW: I really like to score; I think that’s kind of self-explanatory. I love when plays work out really well: the passing works out and your dodges are working. I love dodging past someone, having them at your back and keeping the ball and going forward.

Phi: What do you like to do outside of field hockey?

MW: I also play lacrosse. I’m a member of SAC, an athlete’s group on campus. We meet to talk about events and help incorporate the Rockbridge community. I’m also a member of LIFE, which helps the freshmen adjust to college life.

Phi: What led to your success this week?

MW: The team played so well together. The passing was on point and our transitions from defense to offense were really well done. We were just connecting really well on the field.