A Pitch Perfect parents’ weekend

Parent’s weekend: Your General Admission ticket to a little JubiLee and Southern Comfort

Ashley Faulkner

Students and parents packed a sold out Lee Chapel Oct. 3 to hear a cappella groups General Admission, JubiLee and Southern Comfort perform in their annual Parent’s Weekend concert.

While each group performs multiple times a year, many members say that there is something special about performing during Parent’s Weekend.

“Since they are only able to come up once a year, I’m particularly happy that they can come to a concert and see us all perform,” General Admission member Claire Hoffert, ’18, said.

Of the three songs that General Admission performed, Hoffert’s favorite was a mash up of Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon and Jessie’s Girl by Rick Springfield.

“We perform it with a burst of energy that continues throughout the song,” Hoffert said.

The second group to go on was JubiLee. The all-female group performed Back to Basics from Pitch Perfect 2, Burning House by Cam and Valerie by Amy Winehouse.

Although many parents of the performers were in the audience, some were unable to attend.

Dana Droz, ’18, said that her parents did not come in for the weekend to see her sing in JubiLee because they were coming in the following week to see her play in the Women’s Golf home tournament.

“I felt loved anyway because so many of my friends supported me,” Droz said.

The concert concluded with the all-male a cappella group Southern Comfort, who tapped into humor for their performance. They began their set with a rendition of Free Bird by Lynyrd Skynrd and had one of their members, Connor Chess,’17, shout from the crowd demanding the song to be performed. After running to the stage, he sang and acted out the guitar solo from the song.

Kira Tomenchok, ’18, was seated next to Chess when he began to shout. She was not aware of what would be taking place. “[I figured,] ‘Oh he is probably late, I’ll let him sit there. That’s fine,’” Tomenchok said.

Southern Comfort aimed to choose songs that would appeal to a large variety of people said Andrew McCaffery, ’16, who sings baritone and bass.

This concert was special for McCaffery since he got to sing with his younger brother Stephen McCaffery, ’19, with his parents and other family members in the audience.

Among the audience were Kellie Harra, ’18, and her father who attended the show for the first time.

“[The concert was] very entertaining and ran the gamut from the very traditional General Admission and JubiLee to the less than conventional Southern Comfort,” Kellie’s father Scott Harra said.

Caroline Todd, ‘17, and her parents keep the concert in their Parent’s Weekend agenda.

“We’ve come twice and it has been great both times,” Carol Todd, Caroline’s mother, said. “It seems like they have a lot of fun together. I’m glad they have this outlet.”