W&L welcomes two new trustees to Board

Trustees hope to bring generational perspective to Board

Abigail Summerville

Christopher Dyson, ‘00, and David Lehman, ‘99, attended their first Board of Trustees meeting as new members on October 8-10 for the fall term meeting, one of three meetings the board holds every year. The other two meetings occur in February and May. I asked both Mr. Dyson and Mr. Lehman a series of questions so that we could get to know them better.

What was the process of being nominated and elected to the board like?

CD: I was honored to have been approached to serve.  Becoming part of the Board of Trustees was an unexpected and humbling honor for me.

Why did you want to become a trustee?

CD: My connection to the University has been very strong since I graduated, and I’ve always felt a strong impulse to give back to the University; becoming a trustee was not only an honor, but in my opinion a duty I care deeply about fulfilling.

DL: I am honored to have the opportunity to serve the University, a place that has given me so much and helped shape who I am.

How have your previous and current job experiences, or your time as a student at W&L, prepared you for being a trustee? 

CD: I have had a broad array of experience in the business world as well as a firm connection to nonprofit education institutions.  I’ve recruited students and represented the University for over a decade regionally in New York.  W&L is a place that occupies a special place in my heart and I valued my experience as a student very much.  So, in a lot of ways I felt like I’ve never left, even though I have been very busy pursuing my career.

DL: While at W&L and in the workplace, I have always enjoyed working on teams and in groups; the feedback and input of the collective is invaluable.

What do you think you will add to the board? 

CD: I hope from a generational perspective, I can bring some fresh ideas and I’m keen to learn and help in any possible way.

What are the board’s main goals for the upcoming years? What are your personal goals?

CD: I can’t speak specifically on behalf of the board or on board matters, but I want to contribute and help the board to keep moving the University forward.

What were your favorite aspects of W&L when you were a student here and how would you like to improve them now that you’re on the board?

CD: I loved the culture and the energy surrounding the campus: The rigor of inquiry, the spirit of integrity and always pushing oneself to be better.  These are qualities that, for me, defined the University, and it’s wonderful to see that the school continues to evolve and to be a part of the process now on a personal level.

DL: Some of my favorite aspects of W&L as a student were the true sense of community on campus, the honor system, and the hands-on teaching and learning environment.

What do you like to do in your free time? (hobby, sport, etc.) 

CD: When I’m not with my wife and my kids or at a car race, I love to play golf, ski and read.

DL: I enjoy spending time with my family (wife, two children, seven and five years old), riding my bicycle and jogging.
Reporter’s Note: Mr. Dyson declined to answer some questions about the Board given that he is “just getting started in the role.”