UPDATE: Meal plan for sorority women

Rachel Stone

Starting this week, sorority women will be able to eat chapter dinner on Monday night without using a swipe.

The new standard meal plan for sorority women only had five meal swipes each week, so women had to either skip a lunch or not eat chapter dinner. With this update, the women can still eat lunch at the house each day and for chapter dinner.

But dining services reiterated the importance of swiping in at all meals. It does not matter where the women swipe on the row at lunchtime, but each individual does need to swipe.

In an email sent out to sorority women, this was again stated as a reminder. If students continue to fail to do so, the university will lose potentially over $100,000.

If it comes to that point, the university would likely be forced to charge sorority women a significantly higher amount for the standard meal plan.

Another feature of the new meal plan is that sorority women have been able to swipe for meals anywhere on campus, not just at the houses. So they had five meal swipes to use for breakfast, lunch or dinner on the hill or on sorority row.

One other repercussion of not swiping could be that the university would have to limit the number of swipes that sorority women can use throughout campus. The email said, “For example, people can only use 2 swipes at places other than the sorority houses and have to eat the other 3 meals at the sorority houses if they have a 5 meal plan.”

Dining services and Panhel are currently working to allow students to type their ID numbers if they do not have their swipe that day. But this is still in the works.