New building on the block: Center for Global Learning

Renovated Center for Global Learning offers new technology for both foreign language and web programming classes

Abigail Summerville

When Washington and Lee students checked their new class schedules for winter term, some noticed that certain classes would be held in a building called the “CGL,” the new Center for Global Learning.

The construction of the CGL began during the summer of 2014, and is currently behind schedule. External construction is expected to end in late March, which will allow some spring term classes to utilize the new space. But politics Professor Mark Rush said there is no projected completion date for internal construction.

The CGL is an addition to the renovated DuPont Hall, located on the farthest end of campus closest to Virginia Military Institute.

Rush, the new director of the CGL, said the building uses cutting-edge technology to create an innovative learning environment. There are flat screen TVs in the classrooms, small whiteboards on the walls, and outlets built into most desks.

Rush said he has heard positive feedback from the professors teaching in the CGL.

“The faculty really like it. It’s bright and inviting. And they have classrooms with variety,” he said.

Each classroom has easily moveable desks and chairs so students can sit in rows for a lecture, small groups for group projects, or in a circle for class discussions. This layout seems to suit the students well.

“The new global learning center offers a unique learning opportunity,” Lizz Todd, ‘19, said. “It allows both students and professors to utilize state of the art technological and educational resources that are designed to play-off the small class sizes and enhance the overall learning experience.”

While the interior is expected to develop some character over time, the white walls of the CGL are currently empty of any posters or pictures.

“It’s pretty, but it’s sterile,” Sarahcate Harrison, ‘19, said.

Rush said the CGL was designed to be a magnet for departments dedicated to promoting global learning, and foreign relations in general, such as study abroad. The CGL houses mostly language classes—Chinese, German, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. There are also Literature in Translation and Web Programming classes held in the CGL.