Upper-division housing update

The Ring-tum Phi takes you inside the construction site

Upper-division housing update

Faith Isbell

The new upper-division housing is on its way to completion for August 2016.

The new living space will house up to 350 upper-division students, with two groupings of apartments and townhouses—the Village Square and the Village Commons.

Located by the W&L athletic fields, the new upper-division housing has grand views of both W&L and VMI campuses, Lexington and the surrounding Shenandoah Valley.

Each individual apartment and townhouse will be furnished and will have private washers and dryers, LED lighting, heating and cooling systems and either a porch or a balcony, offering outdoor living space to its residents.

The first section of housing, the Village Square, will include seven residential buildings and will be located next to the new natatorium. Two additional buildings will include student common rooms, a fitness center, office space and upper-level apartments. There will also be a gas fire pit and an open-air pavilion for daily and special event use.

The second section, the Village Commons, will include ten residential buildings and will encircle an expansive green space for recreation.

Parking will be expanded near the Doremus Tennis Center to accommodate residents. The W&L Blue Bike program will also be available.