Fresh options to bring fresh taste to campus for upcoming fall term

New dining options in third year housing to offer international cuisine, easy access for students living further from The Hill

Abigail Summerville

Washington and Lee students will have two new dining options starting next year, thanks to the completion of the third-year housing complex.

Dean of Students Sidney Evans said these restaurants will offer students a variety of new foods.

“The plan is to have a dining venue that will be multi-functional,” Evans said. “It should be different from anything we currently have on campus in terms of atmosphere and food.”

Director of Dining Services Michael Zanie said he is looking forward to the new dining space because the building will overlook the stadium, and have a great view of the mountains.

The two dining options will be separated by a common space and customer seating, said Zanie. The smaller area, Brews, will be a coffeehouse and pub. The larger area, Metro, will act more like a dining hall, and will offer various cuisines that change throughout the school year. Zanie said these names are subject to change.

Rebecca Melkerson, ‘18, said she thinks the atmosphere of the new dining services will be similar to first years’ experiences in the dining hall.

“I appreciate that we’ll all be in the same place, guys and girls again, like freshman year,” Melkerson said.

But Andrea Ferrero, ‘18, said she is more thankful that she will not need to walk all the way to The Hill for meals.

“It will be nice to have food options in junior year housing because when the weather isn’t good, it is a far walk to campus,” Ferrero said.

The food options at Brews and Metro will be much different from those at the dining hall.

According to Zanie, Brews will offer hot breakfast options in the morning, including select coffee blends from Lexington Coffee Roasters. At night, the space will offer pub-style food, such as burgers and fries, as well as local beer, wine, and ciders. Like any bar, students will need an I.D. to prove they are over 21 if they decide to buy alcoholic drinks.

Metro will offer various cuisines, including Latin, Mediterranean, Caribbean, Asian, and traditional American food, said Zanie. The food themes will switch throughout the year.

But Zanie said Metro will also be located close to the athletic fields for students in a hurry to eat.

“[Metro’s] placement will be of benefit to athletes who might otherwise struggle to get to the Marketplace or Café 77 after practice,” Zanie said.

Annalise Thole, ’19, plays on the field hockey team. She said she will eat at Metro because of its location.

“I will probably be eating there in the fall after every one of my practices,” Thole said.

Zanie said the third year dining options will attract students mostly for breakfast and dinner, and later at night.

“Due to class schedules and parking limitations, I suspect it will be less viable as an option for lunch,” Zanie said.

Students will be able to use their swipe cards at both Metro and Brews, and these meals will be included in the meal plan for upperclassmen, Zanie said.

Grace Bowen, ’18, said she is excited about the new food options on campus.

“I think a lot of Juniors will be happy they don’t have to walk all the way to D-hall, or spend extra money on groceries,” Bowen said. “I definitely think I’ll eat there all the time.”