General of the Week: Devin Kearns, ’19

As a freshman, Kearns ranks second on the team in scoring during ODAC play with 15.9 points per contest, third on the team in rebounding, all the while leading the Generals in steals. He has scored in double figures in eight of the team’s last nine games, including a 27-point outburst against Roanoke. The Phi sat down with Kearns to learn more about his first year as a General, both on and off the court.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Peter Rathmell

Phi: What brought you to Washington and Lee?

DK: I was recruited by coach Hutch to come play basketball at W&L and what made me decide to come was the great academics and awesome social environment.

Phi: What has been the highlight of your freshman season so far?

DK: The games where we played our best basketball.

Phi: What are your goals for you basketball career?

DK: Ultimately I’d like for us to win a national championship. I’d rather that than any other achievement.

Phi: What are you favorite hobbies off the court?

DK: When I have free time I really like to read the  news about business and politics.

Phi: What do you still need to work on to be a better player?

DK: Towards the beginning of the year I was a liability on defense. I’ve been getting better at it but I could still be better.

Phi: What has been toughest about transitioning from high school to college?

DK: The biggest difference is taking responsibility in managing my own time.

Phi: How do you manage your time between schoolwork and basketball?

DK: I manage my time in a way that I have enough time to finish my work and play basketball and have free time.

Phi: Did you play other sports in high school?

DK: I love football but I didn’t play in high school.

Phi: What was your favorite moment this season?

DK:I guess when Andy [Kleinlein] hit the game-winning shot against catholic. Off the court, I like travelling to Gettysburg and when we stayed here for winter break.

Phi: What goes through your head when you shoot a free throw?

DK: Nothing really, I usually sing a song but it always changes.

Phi: Did you expect to be as big of an impact this season?

DK: No not at all. I expected getting maybe a little bit of playing time and just kind of working my way up.

Phi: Do you have any general life advice for the Phi readers?

DK: Go to basketball games, it’s healthy.