Trav: the real MVP

Caroline Schell

You’re waiting on the top of Windfall Hill.  All you want to see are the bright lights approaching from the distance.

The winter winds blow as you shake in the cold. You’re ready to go home. You’re waiting in between fluorescent cones and stopped by the plastic white rod that stands between you and your warm bed.

Finally, the lights come beaming towards the hill.

The Traveller Safe Ride Program gives about 2,000 students rides throughout campus and the country weekly. The buses run on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. and generally picks up students from known traveller spots within fifteen minutes. The small buses hold 28 students and have shaped the memory of W&L students alike.

“Riding on ‘Trav’ creates some of my favorite memories here at W&L,” Katherine Monks, ‘18, said. “We blare music and have so much fun. One time traveller even brought me to Cookout for a late night snack, waited for me to get my food, and then returned me home. Traveller drivers truly care about us.”

Students grow close to Traveller drivers throughout their time at W&L. Many offer their personal numbers to students and make themselves readily available to lend a ride to anyone in need.

“They want to help us,” Caroline Leak, ‘18, said. “That’s why they’re here.”

While the rides are necessary for the students of Washington and Lee to get around in a safe and responsible manner, the true value of Traveller comes in the form of its drivers.

Every single one of them gets to know their students and are integral members of the Washington and Lee Community.

Traveller helps keep students safe in the wake of drunk driving accidents, DUIs and reckless driving. Accidents may continue to happen, but the traveller drivers who give so much of their time and themselves to their students keeps this community safe.

So to the caring drivers who get us home safely weekend after weekend, thank you. We might not always say it, but we appreciate that you’re always there.