General of the Week: Elisabeth Holmes

Elisabeth Holmes, ‘17, was crucial in the swim team’s defeat over rival VMI 148 to 69 on Jan. 30. She set the Cy Twombly Pool record in the 200 frees and was a member of the pool-record setting 200 freestyle relay as well as winning the 100 free. She sat down with the Phi this week to talk about her record- setting meet, her growth since freshman year and her life outside of the pool.

Elisabeth Holmes, ‘17. Photo Courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Elisabeth Holmes, ‘17. Photo Courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Peter Rathmell

Phi: What brought you to W&L?

EH: My recruiting trip was probably what really factored in my decision. I came and loved the team and then I just kind of fell in love with the school after that.

Phi: What’s changed over your three years?

EH: Probably my leadership role on the team, I started off as an unknowing freshman not know- ing what was going on, was kind of in the dark about stuff. Now I know what’s happening and can give underclassmen advice.

Phi: What’s been the most difficult part of that transition?

EH: Probably just taking on the responsibility that is needed, like portraying someone who can have themselves together and be a leader for the team.

Phi: What went through your head when you set your records?

EH: I was kind of shocked. I was just swimming and had nothing really in my head so I was ex- cited to see that time on the board.

Phi: Did you celebrate afterwards at all?

EH: No, just kind of hung out with my team which was fun.

Phi: What is the next record you want to break?

EH: Probably my school record in the 200 free, which is a little bit faster than the pool record.

Phi: How do you balance all of your school work and swimming, especially with morning practices?

EH: I typically do all of my work during the day. I don’t have classes on Tuesday or Thursday, so I just do all of it then pretty much.

Phi: What goes through your head when you’re on the block before the start of a race?

EH: I try to just clear my head and just think about being calm then I know how to swim this race.

Phi: What has been your favorite moment in the pool?

EH: Like of all time, I don’t know. F&M this year was really fun, it’s our, like, invitational in the middle of the year and we had a lot of good times and a lot of fast times and I think we bonded a lot.

Phi: What are your hobbies out of the pool? EH: I like to try out different deserts and eat.

Phi: Do you have any general life advice for Phi readers?

EH: I would say they should, I don’t know, use your meal swipes wisely.