T-Minus 20 Days

Rachel Hicks

There are twenty school days until the last final is finally finished and winter term is history.  Two weeks and six days until we can look up from our books into the eyes of our next spring fling.  A little over half a month until the musical sound of flip-flops will replace the monotonous clump of boots…

It’s tempting to look out the 24-paned windows in Huntley, daydreaming through the lush green colonnade, past Lexington, and onto the back of a horse galloping somewhere far, far away.  The rolling Virginia hills transform into the beaches of the Riviera Maya coastline.  All of a sudden, you’re on top of Chichen Itza, feeling like the all-powerful king Quetzalcoatl.  Who needs to finish college if they’re king?

This time of year, looking up pictures of hot Brazilian guys with six-packs or booking a flight to Belize seems much more appealing than listening to a professor passionately rant about the Great Depression.

This eighty-degree sunshine is bright enough to make the most stoic student stir-crazy; however, it’s important to focus on the present before indulging in the future.

Twenty days are countable, like your fingers and toes.  Having already survived seventy-six days, you only have 20 percent of the term to go!

You can do this.  Don’t forget your goals; don’t let yourself slow down.  You’re at this wonderful university for a reason—to become someone great, and change the course of the world for the better.

Keep things in perspective.  While it may seem more appealing to surf Victoria’s Secret for a new bikini, is your ultimate dream to write for the New York Times or get compliments about your fabulous beach bod?

Maybe you haven’t decided your major yet, and you feel purposeless and floating, ungrounded and flailing.  Spring is such an airy season, and it may sweep you off your feet if you’re not careful.

Allow yourself to be inspired by others.  If you see a spark or glimmer in someone’s eye, grasp onto it.  Hold onto that sparkle with both hands, and let it take you through the universe to your own star.

All you can do is your best everyday, and believe that the plans for your future are immeasurably greater than you can imagine.

Spring Term will be here before you can blink. Soon you will be tanning on the Colonade and tubing down the Maury without a care into the world-but you still have a few weeks left.

Don’t get sidetracked now—Spring Break will be much more fulfilling if you work hard until April 15.

The next time you start daydreaming, try steering your dreams in the direction the future W&L can give you.