Maddy Graves

It did not take long for Maddy Graves, ‘19, to make a name for herself on the Washington and Lee women’s lacrosse team. Through her first ten games as a General, Graves leads the team in goals with 17 (the next highest goal scorer, Olivia Sisson, ‘17, has 12) and has netted exactly half of her shots. She has scored multiple goals in six of the team’s matches this season and is averaging three goals per contest in ODAC play. The Phi sat down with Graves to talk about her success on the field and her life off of it.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Peter Rathmell

Phi: What has driven your success so far this year?

MG: Definitely the coaches help a lot and the upperclassmen are really inspirational and motivational. They always pick me up when I’m down. I wasn’t expecting to play as much early on, so that was a big thing and as a team everyone kind of picks each other up a lot.

Phi: You said you weren’t expecting to play as much as a freshman, what did you come in expecting?

MG: I just didnt really know what the team balance would be like. There are definitely a lot of really good upperclassmen so there are some spots on attack. So just given the chance to really blossom.

Phi: What has been the biggest transition from high school to college for you?

MG: I played at a pretty competitive high school, so it is definitely a similar game but it is more about stepping up. When I was in high school a lot of plays were designed for me to score as a senior or junior but now I have to fill that role on my own so it’s tougher.

Phi: What went through your mind when you scored your first college goal?

MG: I was just excited to be out there on the field and finally do something, I thought that was pretty awesome.

Phi: How do you prepare for games?

MG: I listen to music and I don’t know I just think about it all day.

Phi: Do you have any superstitions?

MG: Yes, I do. I always go to the bathroom before every game. I can’t wear certain hair ties or headbands, things like that.

Phi: What made you decide to come to W&L?

MG: It was pretty much for lacrosse but it was the whole experience. Between the academics and the athletics.

Phi: What are your hobbies off the field?

MG: I like to cook, bake, other sports in general.

Phi: What other sports did you play in high school?

MG: I played ice hockey, because I played competitively when I was younger on a team. My high school team wasn’t very competitive so it was too much of a commitment. And I also played field hockey.

Phi: What is your favorite meal to cook?

MG: I like to bake cupcakes.