General of the Week: Danny Devereux

In only fifteen appearances, Danny Devereux, ‘19, has already done something that no Washington and Lee pitcher has ever done: record eight saves in a single season. The previous record of six was set in 1996 by Matt Reedy. As a first-year, Devereux is already only two saves shy of the career record. Between breaking various pitching records, Devereux took a minute to sit down with the Phi and talk about his role on the team, his goals for his career and his life off the mound.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Peter Rathmell

Phi: How did you earn such a huge role in the baseball team in such a short time?

DD: I pretty much earned my role by just working hard every day and sticking to the daily grind.

Phi: What went through your head when you broke the saves record with a whole month of the season remaining?

DD: When I tied the record in the first game of the double-header I was shocked because I didn’t actually know the record was 6 until someone told me. When I went into the second game and got the save it was pretty cool and my parents drove in from Chicago that weekend so they coincidentally got to see that.

Phi: Going into the Guilford series, did you know you could set the record and what were you thinking during the games?

DD: Like I said I didn’t know the record until after the first game but it definitely crossed my mind as I hoped to close out the second.

Phi: If you keep on breaking your record every year, how high do you think you can make it?

DD: I hope to be able to break my own record which would mean our team is winning more games, but I’m also not sure what role I’ll be used in in the coming years.

Phi: Do you think you can set the career saves record and what will you do to achieve that?

DD: The career saves record would be nice to break, and hopefully I can do it this year because that would mean a couple more victories for us as we try to get a high seed in the ODAC tournament.

Phi: How has the pitching team as a whole contributed to the baseball’s team success?

DD: The staff as a whole has done a great job this year. We pride ourselves on keeping the team in ball games and we’ve done a great job of that as our staff ERA is one of the top 30 in the nation.

Phi: What impact have the upperclassmen had on your development?

DD: The upperclassmen have been there to make sure all the freshman are focused on baseball, working hard every day, and having a team mindset.

Phi: What are your hobbies off the field?

DD: Off the field I mainly play pick-up basketball, watch some tv, or just spend time with friends and family.

Phi: Any general life advice for Phi readers?

DD: All I can say is just work hard every day and don’t lose sight of what you’re trying to achieve.