General of the Week: Lizzy Stanton, ’17

As the lone Division III competitor, Lizzy Stanton, ‘17, vaulted 3.63 meters to break the Washington and Lee pole vault record at the Highlander Invitational on April 29. With the new record, Stanton now holds both the school’s indoor and outdoor pole vault record. The Phi sat down with Stanton to talk about her life on and off the track.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Peter Rathmell

Phi: What went through your head before your record-breaking jump?

LS: Obviously I’m not going for breaking the record, I just knew that if I wanted to make it to nationals I would need about two more inches.

Phi: What are doing to make up those last two inches?

LS: I definitely think I have had the height to get that high before. I just need to jump that high over the right bar. Like, if the bar had been higher on last Friday then I probably could have gotten it but it wasn’t with the progression they were going by.

Phi: Several other athletes have broken records this year as well, how does this reflect the strength of the track team.

LS: We’re definitely going in the right direction and getting stronger and faster. We’re definitely going to win ODACs next year.

Phi: What will be different next year as a senior?

LS: I will be more aware of the fact that I will probably never get to pole vault for the rest of my life. Just appreciating it, which I think I have for the past couple years, but probably more so.

Phi: When you were a freshman did you expect to be a junior captain or in the record books?

LS: In the record books, yes. To be a captain as a junior? That was unexpected.

Phi: Can you walk me through a daily training routine?

LS: We do different stuff everyday but for pole vault we do this warm up where we jog 50 meters, then jump around, then jog 50 meters, then do some jumping around, then do some pole vault drills.

Phi: Do you have any hobbies off the track?

LS: Just hanging out with friends and listening to music and I’m in the German Club.

Phi: What life advice do you have for the Phi readers?

LS: Do your best and control what you can control.