Life in the Village begins to take shape

by Abigail Summerville

Just over a week into the new school year and Washington and Lee juniors say they already have a better sense of the new Upper-Division housing, known as the Village.

Maggie Sands, ‘18, said she thinks the new housing has brought the junior class closer together.

“There isn’t a huge divide between sororities and fraternities and even guys and girls,” Sands said.

Head Community Assistant for Upper-Division housing Diana Banks, ‘17, said she thinks the juniors have been adjusting well to The Village.

“I’ve been so impressed with how the junior class has stayed flexible, excited, and open to changes as we all figure this area out together,” Banks said “I think everyone up here just feels incredibly lucky to be the first to experience this housing area and all of its amenities and resources.”

Director of Residence and Greek Life Amy Perkins said she has heard mostly positive feedback from the students living in the new space.

“Some common themes I hear from students are that people are loving the appliances, in-unit washer and dryers and dishwashers specifically,” Perkins said. “Being around a mixed group of friends again, and the close proximity to athletic fields.”

Andrea Ferrero, ’18, agreed.

“I love that all the juniors are brought back together…after a year of everyone living in their respective fraternity or sorority houses,” she said.

As of now, the Village looks less lived-in compared to other, older housing units on campus, but Perkins said she hopes that within six months the juniors will make the Village more lively.

“I am certainly hopeful that it will be a vibrant hub for student social activity,” Perkins said.

Banks said she has already seen the Village come to life in just the few weeks that the juniors have lived there.

You are starting to actually see everyday the things that prove we are a community of diverse activities and interests,” she said. “There are bikes near the stairwells, decorated chairs on the porch, sports equipment near the front doors. [The Village is] taking on personality, and that’s my favorite part to watch.”

Although the residential unit construction is complete, the Village’s common areas and the landscaping are still a work in progress.

“Landscaping will occur throughout the fall when it is seasonally most ideal to plant trees, bushes, and other shrubbery,” Perkins said. “The outdoor pavilion’s targeted completion date is Young Alumni Weekend, October 22.”