Nabors Service League makes impact in local community

Fall service day attracts students and local volunteers

Maya Lora

Washington and Lee’s Nabors Service League attracted both students and community members to volunteer at its semi-annual service day on Saturday. Volunteers worked at sixteen different sites across Rockbridge County.

Lorena Hernandez Barcena, ’19, painted a dining room at the Rockbridge Area Relief Association. She said the room is a place where Rockbridge County residents without regular access to food can receive hot meals twice a week.

“The idea is that every person deserves dignity and respect,” Hernandez Barcena said. “Having a warm meal guaranteed at least twice a week, in a nice dining room, really helps make an impact on that goal.”

NSL Co-President and Community Development Chair Edward Stroud, ’17, said Nabors Service Day is the bread and butter of NSL. The organization seeks to improve awareness within the W&L community on life beyond campus, focusing on issues like poverty and hunger.

“It’s been said that W&L operates in a bubble, and a lot of people don’t know what’s happening in the county,” Stroud said.

He said NSL hopes to create a culture of service within the community that encourages everyone to serve as often as possible.

Clair Spotts, ’19, volunteered at Yellow Brick Road, a local daycare center, on Saturday.

“Nabors Service Day is a great way to get out into the community, meet new people, and strengthen ties between W&L and Rockbridge,” Spotts said.

Nabors Service Day began in the spring of 1999 after Jonathan Nabors, ’02, passed away. Nabors’

friends established the day, which later became the League, to honor Nabors and his commitment to community service.

Co-Curricular Service Coordinator Jennifer Davidon said she has seen a lot of progress throughout her 12 years in Lexington, thanks to the NSL and Campus Kitchen, but there is still a long way to go.

“We want to build a community that is inclusive of both locals in the community, and students who are only here for their four years,” Davidson said.

Local organizations including Boxerwood, Woods Creek Montessori, and Yellow Brick Road have participated consistently over the past few years. But Rockbridge County High School’s cross-country team was new to the program this year.