General of the Week: Brooke Donnelly

At the Mary Washington Kickoff Classic, Brooke Donnelly opened up her senior year with an undefeated weekend, capturing two wins in the No. 1 singles flight and going 3-0 in doubles play with her partner Anna Kreynin, ‘20. A two-time ITA All-American, Donnelly also received the Elite 90 award for Division III Women’s Tennis and ODAC Scholar-Athlete of the Year accolades. A dominate force in both the classroom and on the court, meet your General of the Week:

General of the Week: Brooke  Donnelly

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Information

Elly Cosgrove

Phi: How did it feel kicking off your senior season with an undefeated weekend at the Mary Washington Kickoff Classic?

Brooke: Honestly, it was actually a fun time because it was my birthday and it was a fun day.  I played all my matches on my birthday, but that first tournament we try really hard not to worry too much about wins and losses because it doesn’t really count for anything.  It’s just practice.

Phi: Last year you earned ODAC Scholar-Athlete of the Year accolades.  How do you successfully manage to balance both tennis and school work?

Brooke: I’ve always been a big believer in that playing sports helps me do better in school.  I think I manage my time better and I know a lot of athletes will tell you that being in season makes you more organized.  You manage your time better, so I think it just comes along with it.

Phi: With this being your senior year, what mindset do you have going into your last season?

Brooke: Just to have fun.  I mean, I know that sounds silly, but I’ve already forgotten scores from matches last year.  I know down the road I’m not really going to remember the wins and the losses.  I’m just going to enjoy it while it still lasts.

Phi: With your fall season being so short, how has the team prepared thus far?

Brooke: Yeah, the fall season is definitely more of a sprint for us, but so far it has been going really well.  We got a lot of practice in last weekend and we are excited for regionals this weekend.  We have to work a little bit harder because it is so short, but we think it’s going well so far.

Phi: You and first-year Anna Kreynin went undefeated in doubles play last weekend.  What is the senior- first-year dynamic like on the court?

Brooke: Yeah, it’s a lot of fun.  We definitely have a little bit of a different style and how we approach the match.  We ended up being a really good team, so it was fun to play with somebody new.  I think I go into the mindset of doubles to just have fun and try to really relax.  I think she is still kind of trying to get used to college play and has a little more nerves going, so I think it was a good combo between the two of us.

Phi: After coming off a very successful weekend at the Mary Washington Kickoff Classic, how will you carry that momentum forward into the rest of your fall season?

Brooke: I keep saying it but the fall is really all about practice, so just trying to learn from mistakes from last weekend and working on things we want to improve on.  As for this weekend yes we are trying to win, but also trying to fix those things is equally as important because the wins we really care about are in the spring.

Phi: Do you have any “lucky” articles of clothing or accessories that you wear during games?

Brooke: I always wrap my knees which looks a little funny and I always tape my wrist so I get weird tan lines.  But no articles of clothing, no.