Inside look at Upper-Division dining


Photo by Tracy Wang ’20.

Tracy Wang

Although it is only been open for two and a half weeks, Fieldside restaurant is growing more popular in Washington and Lee Upper Division Housing. With a new building, new equipment and a mostly new staff, the restaurant is receiving more and more attention from the W&L community.

Walking into the Food Side restaurant, I was reminded of Chipotle-style Mexican cuisine. The black and green menu is clearly laid out up on the wall—from burritos to chips and salsa. The menu conveys a sense of organic food choice and fresh fare.

Students can sit at a table with a group of friends and enjoy their meals or grab their din- ner and walk back to the housing. There are even seats available outside, where you could watch a football practice on a weekday in the stadium right below the restaurant. Dylann Ephraimson, ‘18, said she goes

to Fieldside once or twice a week. “People come not only because of the good food but also for the desirable location,” he said. “I like the food here. I normally get a salad with black beans and chicken. It’s very convenient, since it is right beside my house.”

Food Side runs a rotating menu that changes every eight weeks. Hannah Glick was the previous senior cook of the Marketplace and now currently works as the sous chef of Fieldside.

According to Glick, Food Side is starting with La Cantina and then switching to “Firehouse Chicken,” which would be a play on Chick-fil-a. After Christmas, Food Side will offer pasta, followed by Asian cuisine.

During Spring Term, Food Side is going to offer fresh fare, including salads and wraps, to incorporate foods grown in the campus garden. Located in Back Campus, the campus garden plants kale, tomatoes, basil and other fresh vegetables, which are mostly served through Cam- pus Dining Services.

Combining foods from the campus garden and locally-produced fresh foods, Food Side aims to bring a healthy dining culture to the W&L community.

“Everything we get is produced five days a week. We receive all our meat fresh and unfrozen, and we are doing all of the pork and beef in slow raise for 12 hours,” Glick said. “Every- thing is done here on campus, and everything is made fresh.”

Fire Side is currently working on getting a li- cense to serve alcoholic beverages. Soon, you will be able to enjoy not only Lexington Coffee Roasters, but also local beer, wine and cider if you are of drinking age.

Fire Side also serves on-the-go breakfast sandwiches, five different specialties for lunch and five different bar specialties later at night. The restaurant is now open from 7:45 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. to midnight from Monday through Thursday.

Food Side is currently open on weekdays from 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.