General of the Week: Meg Guignon, ‘19

Meg Guignon, ‘16, has been “killing” it this volleyball season. The sophomore outside hitter from St. Louis has 186 kills so far in the season, as well as 147 digs. She leads the Generals in kills and points so far this season. On Sept. 20, Guignon was selected Athlete of the Week. The Phi sat down with Meg to talk about her and her team’s successes this season.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Kathryn Young

Phi: The team has been doing very well this sea- son, what are some major factors that have contributed to your success?

MG: We are always very focused in season on our culture. We focus on depending on each other to ultimately succeed in the long run. I know I can trust any one of my teammates to get the job done no matter what it is.

Phi: What is the team working on coming off of two tough losses?

MG: We are currently working on nailing down the little things. If we can become super disciplined in those areas our level of play will increase immensely.

Phi: What has allowed you to contribute so many kills this season?

MG: I think that we have so much talent this year. I can rely on everyone else on the court to do their job which helps us be very successful in our matches.

Phi: What will be the biggest struggle with regards to play-offs?

MG: I think our focus and mental toughness will be a struggle in the play-offs. I know that those are things that we are working on everyday and it is a daily battle. But, if we stick together and with our system I know we can be very successful in offseason.

Phi: Do you have any pregame rituals or superstitions?

MG: I do not have any rituals or superstitions.

However, I always try to wear the same headband on game day.

Phi: What brought you to W&L?

MG: I sent a bunch of recruiting emails out to D3 schools and W&L and I started talking. So ultimately volleyball recruiting brought me to W&L.

Phi: What has been the biggest difference between your experience freshman year and sophomore year?

MG: I think the biggest difference is that all the sophomores are the oldest in our position group. This means we have the responsibility of taking the freshman under our wing and teaching them what we know.