Superday sweeps W&L

Cassidy Fuller

Fall is finally here. This is the time when the leaves slowly fall off trees, people begin to break out their sweaters and bean boots and juniors and seniors begin to frantically travel around campus, New York, DC and Charlotte to interview during company “superdays.”

Superdays are the final round of interviews for both internships and jobs for various companies consisting of multiple back to back interviews that last for multiple hours. Some students only have one or two of these and then receive a job offer. Others go to four or more and still walk away without an offer. While the interviews themselves cause enough stress among students, many are forced to miss multiple days of school a week to travel to and from interviews all around the country on top of studying endlessly for interviews in the weeks leading up to them.

I had a superday last week for a retail store in Columbus. All in all, it was a two-day trip. The first day consisted of the company trying to impress us: They showed us around the city, took us out to a fantastic lunch and dinner, and gave us a tour of their home office.

As fun as this was, I knew that the following day was going to be a long marathon as I tried to impress them and show them why I deserved this internship. After an early morning start, I had a group interview with the other candidates, a retail math test, two IQ tests, and four back to back behavioral interviews where I was asked anything from the latest fashion trends to a time when I failed and how I recovered. After two days of small talk and trying to talk up myself, I was exhausted, only to realize that I had missed two days of school that I needed to make up.

Overall, my experience was amazing, but having to do that once a week for most of fall term on top of a full course load would push me over the edge. Missing school for a sporting event is one thing, but missing it for a job interview where you have little to no time to make up your work adds another stress or to the process.

And then there is the waiting. Some companies contact students within a few hours, while others give out a vague timeline, saying that they will contact you in three to six weeks.

I do love the idea of superdays- students are able to truly experience what the company is like and they get to meet various employees throughout the interview process. But when this starts to impact our education through missed classes, no time to do homework, and jet lag from long flights, superdays almost seem to be a burden.

The only relief to come out of this process is actually receiving an offer. Unfortunately, not everyone has this “it was all worth it moment” when they are handed their final rejection.