General of the Week: Emily Hageboeck, ‘20

Emily Hageboeck, ‘20, has had an incredible start to her freshman season. In the Franklin & Marshall Invitational alone, Hageboeck set three records: the 400-yard IM, 100-yard breaststroke and 200-yard breaststroke. To add to this successful weekend, Hageboeck swam on the 400-yard medley relay team that also set a new school record. The Phi sat down with Hageboeck to talk about her record breaking rookie season, and her life in Lexington outside of the pool.

Elly Cosgrove

Phi: You’ve had so much success thus far in your freshman season with a record-breaking weekend at Franklin & Marshall. How did it feel to break three individual school records and to swim on a record-setting relay?

EH: It was amazing to see the hard work that I have put into practice pay off. The relay was definitely the best record to break because it takes 4 excellent swims to make the relay happen.

Phi: How do you plan to keep up this early success and carry it into the rest of the season?

EH: I think working hard and staying motivated is the biggest thing. Now that I’ve shown what I can do, I have to try and repeat it at every meet.

Phi: What are some goals you’ve set for yourself now that you have gotten a feel for what it’s like to be a collegiate athlete?

EH: Making it to the NCAA Championship is probably the biggest goal. I’ve set myself up really well for the rest of the season, now I just have to wait until ODAC to see what I can do.

Phi: How would you describe the support-system on the swim team? How has that contributed to your success?

EH: The support-system is amazing! My teammates get up and cheer for every race. They make hard practices seem bearable. My teammates always know what to say or do if your in a slump. They have had a huge role in my success. There is nothing better than having your teammates cheering you on at the ends of the pool as you race. When I see them, I just know I need to push harder.

Phi: With this being your freshman season, how have you been able to balance both school and athletics?

EH: It’s been interesting. I really had never had a lot of schoolwork until this year. I had to learn how to manage my time with practice schedules and studying. I try to complete assignments as soon as I get them so that I don’t get behind in my classes. Our coaches are definitely really understandable if you need to miss practice or change practice times so that you can take a test, go to a lecture, or if you’re just having a rough day.

Phi: What are you especially looking forward to this season?

EH: I am looking forward to growing the friendships that I have made and seeing the results in February at ODAC’s of a season of hard work. Also, I cannot wait for our Training Trip to Miami over Christmas Break!

Phi: Do you have a special routine that you do before each of your races or anything that you like to do before meets?

EH: I always eat a waffle and drink apple juice for breakfast at swim meets.

Phi: You just broke the school records for the 100-yard and 200-yard breaststroke. When did you realize that breaststroke was your stroke throughout your career?

EH: Starting in eighth grade, I was just better at breaststroke than the other three strokes. In high school, we didn’t specialize in strokes, so I practice all four strokes evenly but was still just faster in breaststroke. With college swimming starting, I pretty much only swim breaststroke in practice now which is a huge change.