Dining Services introduces new Mediterranean menu

Foodside transitions to Meze Feta for Winter Term


Photo by Tracy Wang ’20.

Washington and Lee Dining Services opened a Medi- terranean-themed menu concept called Meze Feta at the Village last week.

From Nov. 7-11, Washington and Lee students accessed an online survey to choose between three cuisine concepts, designed by Chef Hannah Glick: La Cantina, Meze Feta and Ginger & Garlic. Students voted for Meze Feta to follow La Cantina, the Mexican-themed restaurant that served students in the fall.

Over 900 students voted for Meze Feta’s Turkish, Per- sian and Greek-inspired menu. The menu offers Grains Bowls, Greens Bowls, Blended Bowls, “Greek Nachos” and Pita Pockets as well as other toppings and spreads.

The Grains Bowl includes a choice of herbed white rice, spiced brown rice or black lentils. One protein, three scoops of dips or spreads and any Cold Bar top- pings may also be added. Naan is served on the side.

The Greens Bowl includes baby-super greens topped

with a protein, three scoops of dips or spreads, Cold Bar toppings and pita.

A Blended Bowl is served with greens and grains, a protein, three scoops of dips, Cold Bar toppings and pita.

Loaded “Greek Nachos,” made from house fried pita chips, are served with a protein, three scoops of dips or spreads and Cold Bar toppings.

Warm pita pockets are served with greens, a grain, a protein, dips or spreads and toppings.

Additional sides include pita chips and falafel.

The Cold Bar offers Greek harissa dressing, sriracha Greek yogurt, red wine vinaigrette, kalamata olives, greek salad and tabbouleh.

Rose Maxwell, ’20, and Peyton Powers, ‘18, who voted for Meze Feta, said they were ready for a change from Foodside’s Mexican food options last fall.

“They did a great job with the Mexican food, so I wanted a change to see what they could do next,” Maxwell said. “I really like gyros and different kinds of salads and hummus and feta cheeses, so I was excited to see what they could do with Mediterranean food.”

“I’m a huge fan of the menu changes,” Powers said. “I actually voted for the Mediterranean option. It sounded like a great way to ever-so-slightly diversify the food scene in Lexington. Right now I really like the Greens and Grains Bowl. It’s a nice balance of the two.” Devin Nicely, who has been working at Fieldside since August, said he thinks students are reacting positively to the Meze Feta food options. “It’s only been a couple of days [but] I think people

are liking what they are getting,” Nicely said. “My favorite protein would probably be the meatballs made from turkey and lamb.”

Fieldside manager David Khoshpasand said he is ex- cited about the high level of student participation the survey reflected.

“I think it’s going great,” Khoshpasand said. “I think it’s awesome that the students are empowered to decide the food that they get. A lot of places that’s not available. We had 900 votes, which is a lot compared to some of the marketing surveys I’ve done in the past. I hope the students stay involved and continue to voice what they want, and I hope everyone loves it.”

Foodside plans to hold votes and change menu themes each semester, unless students choose to keep an exist- ing concept.

Meze Feta will remain at Foodside for the rest of the academic year. Students will vote again in the spring to determine the fall term concept for the 2017-2018 academic year.