Captain’s corner

Each week, the Phi will highlight two captains and learn a little about what drives them to be leaders, both in the game and in the locker room.

Tanner Smith

Andy Kleinlein, men’s basketball

Andy Kleinlein, ’17, is playing with a passion and enthusiasm beyond any of his previous years as he is approaching the end of his college basketball career.

“It has helped a little bit because you have to play with a little bit more desperation,” he said. “I think it has helped me out defensively knowing that these are my last few games so I need to do as well as I can.”

He also said he recognizes that he has a responsibility to make sure the team as a whole is ready to take control both on and off the court.

“It has been a lot of fun but it has also been a lot of responsibility because you can’t just look after yourself and how well you are playing,” Kleinlein said.

Along with chasing team success, as the men’s basketball team is currently 6th in the ODAC standings, Kleinlein is also chasing a few all-time W&L records. As of the team’s most recent game on Jan. 18 against Eastern Mennonite, Kleinlein is the school’s all- time leader in free throw percentage, at 84.8 percent, and three- point percentage, at 45.4 percent. Kleinlein is proud of his achievements, but refuses to take all of the credit for those numbers.

“It would be a tribute to my hard work across the years,” Kleinlein said, “But it would also be playing with teammates that got me the ball when I was open. Especially playing with Clayton Murtha, [’18], for three years. [The opposing teams] focus so much on him that it allows me to find my space and hit shots. “

Kleinlein has been a shooter throughout his W&L career, as he hit 38.9 percent of his three-point shots as a freshman, but he thinks that his attention to detail has improved dramatically throughout his college career.

“I think I have become more mature, able to see more things on the court and I have been able to study the game,” Kleinlein said.

“That is one thing that Coach Hutchinson has harped on, watching film and getting to know what we are supposed to do on defense. I have learned so much from him in terms of Xs and Os so I am really happy with how I have developed that way. Other than that, I am still trying to hit shots when I am open and get the ball to my teammates.”

Kleinlein, who jokes that he does not have much of a life outside of basketball, knows that he will have a big hole to fill in his life when his basketball career is over.

“I will miss a ton of things, but I think that I will miss the competition more than anything,” Kleinlein said. “I will miss playing at this high of a level and playing for something above [myself]. Of course I will miss every single one of my teammates every day, not being able to take the court with them, and I will miss the coaches. I will pretty much miss everything; it has been my life for four years.”

Lizzy Stanton, women’s track and field

Lizzy Stanton, ’17, has tried to keep everything in perspective despite the fact that it is her senior year and last season as a part of W&L’s track and field team.

“It has not been different other than that I have always been grateful that I have been able to be a part of it, especially this year,” Stanton said. “I am trying to have fun with it and not put pressure on myself.”

Stanton is a four-time ODAC Champion in the pole vault event. She also holds the W&L pole vault record, as she recorded a jump of 3.63 meters at the Radford Invitational last year. Even with that level of success, Stanton still sees room to improve her performance.

“Right now I am working on getting my body entirely vertical because I tend to not get my shoulders back all the way,” Stanton said. “When I don’t get my shoulders back, I end up pushing sideways instead of pushing up the pole. I need to have my body continue to go up.”

Along with the responsibility she feels to improve her form, Stanton said she thinks that it is her responsibility to help her teammates achieve success for the team and for themselves.

“My role is to help bring the team together, cheer for each other and to encourage my younger teammates to take care of themselves,” Stanton said. “They need to work hard on the track and in the weight room as well as in the rest of their lives to put themselves in the best position they can be for their athletic performance.”

Stanton practices what she is preaching to her team, as she not only has achieved success on the track, but she has also set herself up to have lofty career aspirations. An Economics and German major, Stanton said she is set to work at the Federal Reserve next summer.

While Stanton is excited to move onto her job at the Federal Reserve, she has no inclination to wish away the rest of her senior year, as she thinks that the team has great potential this year.

“I am really excited because I feel like the team is really good this year and last year we were two points away from winning indoor ODACs,” Stanton said. “This year we have some new seniors and a bunch of new first-years and I think this year will be our year.”