General of the Week: Taylor Casey, ‘20

Washington and Lee basketball player Taylor Casey, ’20, scored a career-high of 29 points in the Generals’ contest against Bridgewater College. Not only did she set a career-high, she also downed eight three-pointers, which broke the record held by Allie Long, ’11. She also has 44 three-pointers this season, which ranks eighth on W&L’s single-season list. Casey has been having a standout first season with the Generals, starting in 17 games and averaging 13 points per game. Meet your General of the Week from Brentwood, Tenn.: Guard Taylor Casey.

Taylor Casey, ‘20. Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Taylor Casey, ‘20. Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Elly Cosgrove

Phi: How do you feel the season has been going?

Casey: The season has been going well so far! I’m proud of my team and what we’ve accom- plished, and I think we are getting better each day and becoming a harder and harder team to beat.

Phi: How different is being an athlete in high school versus being an athlete in college?

Casey: Being an athlete in college is definitely a huge time commitment and pretty exhausting, but it is 10 times more fun playing at W&L because there isn’t a girl on the team who isn’t completely dedicated to the team’s success. We all choose to play basketball because it’s a game we all love!

Phi: On Saturday, you had 29 points against Bridgewater College. Can you describe how you felt after that game?

Casey: I was super excited after the game mostly because we won! It felt good to have a solid team win, and obviously it was nice that my shots were falling.

Phi: Can you talk a little about your thoughts during the Bridgewater game? Were you aware of how many points you were putting up on the board?

Casey: After I made a few threes, I started get- ting more confident and didn’t realize how many points I had [or] how many threes I had scored. I just was happy my shots were going in the bas- ket! I was surprised to see I broke the record of threes in a game.

Phi: What has contributed to your success over the course of this season?

Casey: Every day in practice my teammates con-

stantly work hard and build me up which gives everyone confidence going into all of our games. We know that we all have each other’s backs and have prepared well, which makes it easy to be successful with that kind of support.

Phi: What goals do you have for the rest of the season?

Casey: A goal that all of us have in mind is win- ning an ODAC championship, and I think we can achieve this if we continue to work hard and play together!

Phi: Favorite memory with the team so far?

Casey: My favorite memory is how every time we do a drill perfectly in practice or just randomly get excited about something we all do a “Super Mario bro jump” in the air.