Later spring breaks benefit students’ minds and bodies

Melinda Kauffman

Isn’t it about time we had a Spring Break? Aren’t you tired of seeing all of your friends at other schools and universities at the beach, while you’re still in chilly Lexington, Va? One of the things that makes Washington and Lee unique is spring term. Because

of this four-week term, spring break occurs much later than most other schools.

Spring break falls in the middle of April, after winter term exams are wrapped up, and right before the beginning of spring term. Although many other schools have spring break in the beginning of March or April, W&L is different. There are advan- tages to having a later spring break, however.

The biggest advantage of having a spring break so much later is that it finally means you are done with classes, for the most part. While spring term may be difficult, depend- ing on the class you take, it will most likely be less stressful than a regular semester. So hold tight and power through the next few weeks, because once spring break hits, you can say goodbye to winter term and hello to the long-anticipated spring term.

Another advantage of having spring break later is that we get a week off in February, a.k.a. “Feb. Break”. We all know how long and stressful winter term can feel, but having a week off amidst the chaos is miraculous.

It is a much-needed break after a holiday break in December and the anxiety of easing back into classes and obligations. And unlike Reading Days in October, Feb. Break is an entire week and gives people the opportunity to go skiing in Colorado or spend a week at the beach.

So having a spring break that falls so much later than most schools and universities really isn’t that bad after all. Yes, it’s hard looking at Snapchat stories of people and friends in Costa Rica or at home with their dogs, but wait until you’re the one posting the Snapchat story in late April when it is probably much warmer than it was in the beginning of March.

Also, your friends that have spring break so early in March have to worry about going back to classes and exams when they return, but once we are on spring break we are finished with all of that.

Have faith and it will all work out. It may seem hard right now as classes are picking up and your professors are starting to tell you what your exams will be like, but it will soon all be over. Just a few more weeks and you will be somewhere tropical, sipping a Pina Colada on the beach, listening to the ocean waves crash against the sandy shore. Just think about all of the free time you will have not worrying about studying for tests or writing papers for when you get back. You will be done with winter semester 2017 as soon as spring break rolls around.

And then once spring break arrives, all you have to look forward to is spring berm. What do you have to look forward to this Spring Term? Are you going abroad? Are you taking a fun P.E. class? Are you taking your last class ever at W&L?

Either way, spring term is a time when W&L’s campus comes alive both here in Lexington and abroad. Take advantage of the semester as it is right now, because spring term is very different from the traditional W&L environment. Hold on just a few more weeks and spring break will be here before you know it.