General of the Week: Dana Lee, ’17

Dana Lee, ’17, has had a very successful senior season on the Washington and Lee track and field team. Lee is a three-time All-American honoree and has qualified for NCAA Championship six times. She holds twelve W&L track records. For the week ending in March 19, Lee was selected as the ODAC Women’s Track Athlete of the week, alongside fellow General Dash Dericks, ’18, who was honored on the men’s side. She received this honor after winning two events at the W&L Track and Field Carnival. She finished first in the 200m, finishing at 25.74. She took the top spot in the triple jump at 11.07 meters. The Phi sat down with Lee to discuss her success at W&L.

Dana Lee, 17. Photo Courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Dana Lee, ’17. Photo Courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Kathryn Young

Ring-tum Phi: What inspired you to start running?

Dana Lee: I first became involved with track and field when I was a freshman in high school. I was really interested in the long jump and sprint events because I thought I could do decently well in those events. I wanted to see how far and fast I could go.

Phi: What made you want to run at the collegiate level?

DL: After graduating high school, I wasn’t ready to give up sports. Initially I hadn’t planned on running in college. I was actually looking to play volleyball. I quickly realized that there were more opportunities for me in track and field so I started to focus more on that sport. I’m so glad I made that decision to go with track and field and to choose W&L.

Phi: Why did you choose W&L?

DL: I chose W&L because of its strong biology program, its unique school traditions, and the opportunity to be a member of the track and field team.

Phi: How did you feel after your two first place finishes at W&L Carnival?

DL: I felt really happy with my performances in the triple jump and 200 meter. I thought I had a good start to the outdoor season in both of those events compared to last season.

Phi: What is your favorite part of being a track athlete?

DL: My favorite part of being a track and field athlete is being able to practice and compete with all of my teammates. We always have so much fun together and can always count on one another to be supportive.

Phi: What are your personal goals for the rest of the season?

DL: A personal and team goal is to win Outdoor ODACs. We are hosting this year, so it would be extra special to win at home. I also hope to qualify for nationals in the long and triple jump.

Phi: What is your favorite Generals Track & Field memory?

DL: My favorite Generals Track and Field memory is every Carnival meet. Being able to compete at home and to have your friends and family watch are definitely my favorite parts about that meet.

Phi: What are you looking forward to the most this spring?

DL: I will be spring optioning during the spring term, so I’m really looking forward to being able to focus solely on track and field and not have to worry about any school work.

Phi: What has contributed most to your success as a track athlete while at Washington and Lee?

DL: When I came to W&L, I knew close to nothing about the sport. My coaches have played a huge role in my success as an athlete. I learned so much about block work, running form, and race strategy for my sprinting events from Coach Uhl. I’ve also learned so much about technique for the long and triple jump from Coach Dana. Ultimately, they helped me appreciate and fail in love with the sport.

Phi: What is your favorite thing to do when you are not running?

DL: On occasion when I have a weekend off from a meet, I like to relax and spend time with my friends. During the week there isn’t much down time as school and practice take up most of my day.

Phi: Do you have any plans for after graduation?

DL: I am currently student teaching at Rock- bridge County High School. I’ll be licensed to teach high school biology in Virginia by or around the end of school. After graduation, I plan on going back home to Nashville to teach.