Spring term bucket list

Melinda Kauffman

Spring term is unique to W&L, and if this is your first time experiencing spring term, then you are in for a treat. If you have plans to go abroad, these things also apply to you. As I approach my second spring term of my W&L career, I have a few must-dos to offer to all those seeking to make the most out of the short four weeks ahead.

Number one: Take pictures. Even if you are not artistically inclined, anyone can take a picture, and taking pictures allows you to see and appreciate things for what they truly are. If you have a free afternoon, which you will have a lot of during spring term, grab a camera or your phone and walk around Lexington. You will be surprised how relaxing it is to take pictures and how beautiful the campus is in the spring.

Number two: Get outside! The great thing about spring term is that the entire campus comes to life. There is nothing better than grabbing a book and a blanket and setting up on the colonnade to enjoy the warmth and the sunshine. Grab a few friends, or go by yourself, but either way, get outside and breathe in the fresh air.

Number three: Stay away from the library. This one may sound counterproductive, but unless you need to print something, why spend hours in the library when there are a million other places to get work done? Depending on the class you take, you may not have that much work outside of class. Take advantage of the lighter workload, and find somewhere new to study or take your homework outside and enjoy the sunshine. Don’t worry: the library will be there, waiting for you during fall and winter term.

Number four: Tube the Maury. You have to do it. Did you really go to W&L if you didn’t?

Number five: Find a new hobby. You don’t have to learn a new instrument or sport to find a new hobby, although these are great ideas. Last spring term, I decided to write a letter a day to family, friends or previous connections I had made. Whether it was a thank-you note, or a simple hello, writing a letter each day was a fun way to start my mornings, and it gave me a boost of positivity. Challenge yourself to learn a new skill like rock-climbing or kayaking, and then get out and do it.

Number six: Read. Last spring term, I took advantage of the downtime I had to read books. I compiled a reading list and read almost a dozen books. There is nothing better than grabbing a book and reading for fun, without any expectations or assignments attached to it. Pick a book and read it on the colonnade.

Number seven: Go hiking. In case you haven’t noticed, Lexington is among one of the richest nature areas in Virginia and the United States. Whether you are an advanced hiker, or are looking for a light stroll, the Shenandoah Valley has everything to offer.  Hiking is a great way to get off campus and fully immerse yourself in nature. You will be amazed at how refreshed a hike can make you feel.

Number eight: Get outside. Did I already say that? Seriously if you get nothing else out of this article, then get outside! You no longer have to bear the arctic tundra of winter term, so take advantage of every moment you get to be outside. There is something to be said for breathing fresh air, and spending time in nature. It relaxes you and boosts your mood.

So get outside and enjoy spring term, because it is unique to W&L and only comes once a year.