General of the Week: Clayton Murtha

Captain Clayton Murtha, ’18, currently leads the Washington and Lee men’s basketball team in points per game, averaging about 18 per contest. The forward from Dallas, Texas, entered the season as 12th in W&L career scoring with 1,340 points, according to W&L Sports Information. Murtha has made some major offensive contributions on the court this season and has even led the Generals in points for the last four games. Get to know your General of the Week, Clayton Murtha, ‘18.


Photo courtesy of Beta Theta Pi’s official twitter.

Elly Cosgrove

Ring-tum Phi: How do you feel like the season has been going up to this point?

Clayton Murtha, ‘18: It’s been going really well. We’ve played a pretty tough schedule so far and, no matter what happens the last couple of games, [we] will have a winning record after this season for the first time in my career. But we have a lot more to accomplish and we are excited for it.

Phi: The ODAC tournament is just around the corner. What is the team’s expectation for ODAC playoffs?

CM: First it starts with taking care of business [in] these last three regular season games so that we get the best seeding possible for the tournament. But, once the tournament does start, we fully expect to be playing for a championship and winning that championship. That is always our top goal: to win the ODAC.

Phi: What is your most important job as a senior captain?

CM: I think my most important goal is to set the tone for practices, games, lifts, etc. I need to be doing everything 100 percent so that people can feed off of my energy and see that as what [they] all need to be doing. It’s always harder than it sounds.

Phi: What is the team’s strategic focus for what regular season games you have left? Is there anything in particular that you all have been focusing on in the practice gym?

CM: We always focus on what we can do to get better every day. There are always little adjustments you can make before games, but we are focused on doing what we do and doing it well.

Phi: You have consistently led the team in scoring. What kind of work did you put in during the off-season and in the practice gym this season? How has this paid off?

CM: I think the most important aspect is to always be in the gym. Sometimes it can be pretty tough with internships over the summer and school, but nothing can compare to getting in the gym or weight room and working as hard as you can. It’s not as much about how long you’re in there but how productive you are when you’re there.

Phi: Coach McHugh is in his first season at W&L. How do you think he’s done and what have you enjoyed about his coaching style?

CM: I think he’s done a great job. He has high expectations for us and the program and holds us to those. He and Steve bring a lot of energy to everything. Regarding his coaching style, he really connects and communicates well with players and that goes a long way.

Phi: What will you miss most about this program once you graduate?

CM: I will miss being able to compete on the court with my teammates. I know I will never [have] another experience where you can compete on such a high level with all of your best friends.

Phi: What has been your mindset during your senior season and what will you be concentrating on personally with what time you have left?

CM: I’ve really just tried to enjoy every day I get to play basketball. The season can get long at times, and tiring, but I think I’ve been able to do a good job of taking it one day at a time. That’s also what I want to do with these last couple games. I want to obviously play well, but really just enjoy it and take it in for how great this experience has been.

Phi: Do you have any weird/ superstitious pregame rituals or any lucky articles of clothing that you wear on game day?

CM: I’m pretty particular about which socks I wear. I think it makes a difference, but who knows.

Phi: What are your plans for after college?

CM: I’m going to be working in Investment Banking in Atlanta at SunTrust, which is where [former basketball teammate] Andy Kleinlein works, so that should be fun.