General of the Week: A.J. Witherell, ’19


Kathryn Young, Sports Writer

The Washington and Lee men’s lacrosse team is having a record-breaking season. The team has won 13-straight games, the third-longest streak in history and the first since 2000. Captain A.J. Witherell, ‘19, has led the way for the team, scoring three or more goals in three consecutive winning games against Guilford College, Lynchburg College and Susquehanna University. The Wilmington, Del., native was selected as the ODAC Men’s Lacrosse player of the week for week 33. Witherell leads the ODAC in points and shots this season, with 76 and 123, respectively. The Ring-tum Phi sat down with Witherell to talk about the season so far and goals moving forward.

Ring-tum Phi: How did you feel after your three goals against Guilford, four against Shenandoah and four against Susquehanna?

A.J. Witherell: The past three games against Susquehanna, Lynchburg and Guilford were strong tests for our offense. It was great that our entire offensive unit was able to be efficient against these opponents.

Phi: What inspired you to start playing lacrosse?

AW: I started playing lacrosse when I was 5 years old I believe. My parents exposed me to a lot of sports when I was younger, but ended up choosing soccer and lacrosse as my main two.

Phi: What are this team’s greatest strengths?

AW: I think this team’s greatest strength is competitiveness. No matter how the game is going, all the guys are still hustling and pouring all their energy into practice and games.

Phi: What is your favorite Generals lacrosse memory?

AW: Favorite Generals Lacrosse memory so far is celebrating an ODAC Championship my freshman year.

Phi: Why did you decide to pursue lacrosse at the collegiate level?

AW: I decided freshman year of high school that I wanted to pursue college lacrosse. It is a sport that I love playing and I knew it could help me get into a school that I otherwise would’ve had a more difficult time getting into.

Phi: What are your goals for this season?

AW: Our goals this season are great team chemistry, 1-0 every day, ODAC Championship and hopefully a deep run in the NCAA tournament to a National Championship.

Phi: Why did you decide to go to W&L?

AW: I chose to go to W&L because it checked pretty much everything off my college list. I knew I wanted a small school with great academics and strong lacrosse program. It was a good distance from home and I’ve had family go here. So, it fit all the requirements.

Phi: Do you have any game day rituals? If so, what?

AW: Not many unique game day rituals, just hang out with the team in the locker room and toss the ball around a bit before warm-ups.

Phi: What are your favorite things to do off the field?

AW: Favorite things off the field are video games and hanging out with friends like Paul Callahan (‘19).