General’s Grilled Cheese returns

By popular demand, the beloved sandwich is back at the E-Cafe

Coleman Martinson

You know the excitement you get when you receive a 72 on a test, then you realize that the class average was a 65 so you decide that your own grade wasn’t that bad overall?

Well, this is basically the same thing.

Back by popular demand, the General’s Grilled Cheese has returned to the E-Cafe, and it’s better than ever.

“Hillel yet again proves that it still continues to be on a path of greatness,” Annie Talton, ‘21, said about the sandwich in an email.

“I knew that Robert E. Lee was smiling down from heaven looking out for me,” David Salchert, ‘19, said in an email when asked about his time with the food. “Every day is a Gennie’s Win Day with a General’s Grilled Cheese.”

The General’s Grilled Cheese even has a new look. The sandwich now consists of garlic aioli, mozzarella, cheddar, caramelized onions and tomato on a choice of a bagel or an english muffin.

Something a lot of students are excited about is the removal of the mushrooms from the General’s Grilled Cheese. Mushrooms used to be the standard on the sandwich, but so many people said “hold the mushrooms” that Dining Services decided to remove them entirely when they brought the sandwich back.

When students returned to campus this past August they discovered multiple changes to the menu at a variety of campus dining facilities.

Many students expressed frustration to Dining Services for some of these changes that occured over the summer. The loaded fries asco at Cafe 77 (also known as Co-Op) was met with strong resistance when students returned to campus from summer break to discover the type of cheese changed. It has since changed back to its original recipe, and students couldn’t be happier.

The Marketplace, otherwise known as D-Hall, changed the type of press used behind the sandwich bar. Many students have expressed discontent, because the inside of their sandwiches are cold now. This is still an ongoing issue.

Overall, however, students are happy to see that Dining Services is listening to them.

“I am a strong advocate for the General’s Grilled Cheese,” McKinley Hamilton, ‘20, said in an email. “I am glad to hear that it has made its return to campus. I hope that Dining Services continues to take into consideration the opinions and wishes of W&L’s students.”

Please reach out to Dining Services if you have any recommendations or complaints about its menus. You can submit a feedback form at