General of the Week: Taylor Casey, ’20

Women’s basketball junior guard Taylor Casey, ‘20, scored a career high of 36 points at Roanoke on Nov. 20. In the same contest, she tied the women’s basketball program record of eight three-pointers in a single game. These efforts contributed to a 79-65 win at Roanoke. The Phi sat down with Casey to find out what brought her to the game and why she chose Washington and Lee.

Taylor Casey, 20. Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Taylor Casey, ’20. Photo courtesy of W&L Sports Info.

Kathryn Young

Phi: How did you feel after your career-high 36 point game against Roanoke?

Casey: I was very excited! It was just a good day. The ball kept wanting to go in the basket, but I was mostly happy to get the GWD going into Thanksgiving break.

Phi: Why did you start playing basketball?

Casey: I started playing when I was a little girl, because it’s just a Casey family thing to play basketball. Both of my parents played DIII basketball, many of my cousins have played basketball in college, and now my younger sister plays in college.

Phi: Why did you choose Washington and Lee for college?

Casey: I knew W&L would be a place where I could have so many great opportunities athletically and academically. I also knew that the W&L community would provide me with incredible experiences to grow as a person, and best prepare me for whatever I want to do with my life!

Phi: What is your favorite part of being a Division III athlete?

Casey: Being a DIII athlete allows me to take full advantage of all that college has to offer outside of athletics, like spending my summer abroad in Costa Rica, or spending my spring term in Yellowstone. Also, while we are extremely competitive on the court, I love how much fun we all have off the court. As DIII athletes, we really are all playing for our love of our teammates and love of the game.

Phi: What are the team’s greatest strengths this season?

Casey: We are fast paced, pretty disciplined, and pretty dynamic. Our greatest strength is probably that we were underestimated by just about everyone this season, as we are such a young team, which definitely fuels us a little bit.

Phi: Do you have any game-day rituals?

Casey: Nothing too unique. We all like singing and dancing in the locker room, and I always wear a little W&L scrunchie in my hair.