Campus intramurals makes a comeback

Margaret McClintock, ‘15, is the program’s new director.


Students play 3v3 soccer on Canaan Green. Photo courtesy of W&L Intramurals.

Riley Parker

After the university hired alum Margaret McClintock, ‘15, as the new associate director of campus intramurals this summer, she started interviewing students to learn what changes she should make to reboot the program.

“My objective this year is too increase excitement and engagement around intramurals on campus and to be a visible resource for people who want to get involved and have on campus games,” McClintock said.

To start, McClintock said she’s moving away from league play to promote more oneday recreational events. These recreational events are very casual, she said, which only last about an hour or two on Fridays and Saturdays.

The first Spikeball tournament had 22 students show up and the three-on-three soccer tournament had 34 participants. But McClintock and participating students say they’re pushing for bigger turnout.

William Salchert, ‘21, one of the first Spikeball tournament champions of the 2019-20 year, said he was impressed by the “excellent organization and execution on Margaret McClintock’s part.”

“Competition in the tourney was great, but I can’t wait to see something bigger…better— a spike ball tourney like never seen before,” Salchert said.

His championship partner, Grant Villanueva, ‘21, challenged more students to show up.

“I would like my peers to know that William and I plan to hold our championship title well past our undergraduate graduation,” Villanueva said.

Students play Spike Ball together on a green field.
Students play Spikeball on the field next to the law school. Photo courtesy of W&L Intramurals.

Some recreational events coming soon include dodgeball, croquet on the Colonnade, a back-campus race in October, and inner-tube water polo and Pingpong tournaments in November.

If you’re someone who truly loved the league play events that happened in the past, don’t worry – they haven’t gone away completely. The kickball league had close to 50 people show up for its first gameday, with teams made up of fraternities, the Outing Club, Hillel, and a group of first-year students. Virginia Kauders, ‘23, and Jensen Rocha, ‘23, on the first-year student team — better known as Kickball Bois — said that their team “slaps” and is “so good.”

Kickball will continue into November, so there’s still plenty of time for friendly competition. Along with kickball, the program will also form men’s and women’s basketball leagues in October and a co-ed team handball league in November.

Margaret McClintock smiles in a portrait with sunglasses on.
Margaret McClintock, ’15, is the new associate director of campus intramurals. Photo by Kevin Remington.

“Students have more time in their schedules than they give themselves credit for,” McClintock said. “Finding healthy ways to blow off steam is important, and I would like [Intramurals] to be one people can use and have some fun along the way.”

More information on the campus intramurals event schedule can be found through campus flyers, in Campus Notices and on Instagram @wlu_intramurals