Get to know new faces in student government

Kaelan McCabe

Executive Committee: Senuri Rauf, 1L

Senuri Rauf, 1L, said she wants to leverage her experience as a law school student during her tenure as the new class of 2022 representative to the Executive Committee.

“I think as someone that has gone through undergrad, I do have a different perspective, and hopefully a different viewpoint that I can bring to the committee,” Rauf said.

Senuri Rauf, 1L, said she wants students to feel comfortable approaching her with their concerns. Photo by Kevin Remington.

She said she wants to encourage students to come to her with issues and concerns.

“Just being able to be a part of such a huge proponent of campus and viewed as hopefully a role model that people can feel comfortable bringing issues to, that people believe has the best interest of the student body at heart … I think that is very important,” Rauf said.

Rauf graduated magna cum laude from the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities with a bachelor’s degree in child psychology. She said she originally wanted to attend medical school but changed her mind after graduating.

During her undergraduate career, Rauf served as vice president for the Pi Beta chapter of Chi Omega. She also served as managing editor for the Minnesota Undergraduate Research Academic Journal, a multidisciplinary resource for undergraduate students. The team published their first issue during her time as managing editor, she said.

Rauf also served as a board member for a Minnesota nonprofit that provides resources and opportunities for children and young adults in minority groups.

Rauf said she has enjoyed her experience so far on the E.C. and she looks forward to the remainder of her term.

“I knew it was something that I wanted to become a part of, so I ran,” Rauf said. “It was a really good decision.”


Student Judicial Council: Naveed Javid, ’23

Naveed Javid, 23, said his interest in politics and law motivated him to run for the SJC. Photo by Kevin Remington.

In his speech to his first-year class, Student Judiciary Council First-year Justice Naveed Javid, ‘23, promised students that he would handle conduct issues with reason.

He said he doesn’t believe that one mistake should jeopardize a student’s career at Washington and Lee.

“I’m just very much for the people. I understand people make mistakes,” Javid said. “There are some things that I may have done, or people I know may have done, or people I am friends with may have done, so I just want to treat all people with that same level of respect.”

Javid plans to declare a major in politics and a minor in poverty and human capability studies. He said his interest in politics and law inspired him to run for the SJC.

Javid said he was drawn to Washington and Lee because of the welcoming nature of the community.

“You get here and people are happy, people are saying hi,” Javid said. “It’s just a great atmosphere, great environment, everybody is really nice.”

Javid is currently serving on the treasury committee for the Wyoming state delegation for Mock Convention.

“Mock Con is awesome because it’s a once in a lifetime experience,” Javid said. “Wyoming is a really cool delegation. It’s just a cool group of people.”

In high school, Javid served as the president of the Model United Nations Club, volunteered with the local Democratic Party and worked as a summer intern for the local Republican Party.

He also competes on the Washington and Lee University wrestling team.