Add these things to your senior year bucket list

The ultimate senior bucket list, by Josette Corazza, ’20

Josette Corazza

With winter term coming to a rapid close, the time is now to begin checking things off your senior year bucket list. Everyone may have their own individual goals and things they’d like to do before graduation, but here I offer ten humble suggestions (in no particular order) to supplement your list.

1. Study in a new spot. As the weather warms, there are plenty of outside seating options where you can get some sun and studying done. If it’s late or bad weather, try studying in a new building – academic, or not – on campus. You might find a new favorite spot that you can stake out for these last few months.

2. Get outside. I’m of the (potentially unpopular) opinion that House Mountain is a demanding and cliché place to hike. Sign up for a trip with the Outing Club or simply set off on your own to discover some lesser-known trails around campus. When the Maury River warms up enough, take advantage of local swimming and water sport sites.

3. Leave town. Drive, catch a ride with a friend or even take a bus to one of the charming cities surrounding Lexington. Even if it’s just having dinner in Buena Vista, leaving Lexington can allow for the potential of discovering something new and shaking up your usual routine.

4. Go to Friday Underground. A fun and social alternative to the Friday night party scene, I can’t believe I waited until my senior year to check out FUDG. You’re bound to make new friends there and have the opportunity to hear to some incredible open mic talent. I’ll let you in on a little secret, too – they have great snacks and drinks there! Occasionally people bring homemade fudge, and there are always party-size chip bags set out, as well as the opportunity to order coffee or tea free of charge.

5. Visit Hull’s Drive-In. There is nothing quite like spending a night under the stars at Hull’s. Check their website for the upcoming movie schedule and plan a trip to see one you’ve been waiting for. The drive-in opens for the season on Friday, March 20.

6. Catch the sunset. The Blue Ridge Parkway isn’t the only place to see a beautiful sunset, and anyway, it gets pretty crowded around this time of year. Plan a hike up a mountain or, if you want to stay nearby campus, check out the Uncas Trail above the Maury.

7. Check out the drinking scene. Most if not all seniors are 21, and there’s no better time to check out the Lexington “bar” scene than when it’s nice outside. Head to trivia night at Brew Ridge Taps with friends, spend a Saturday at one of the nearby winery or breweries, or sip al fresco on the balcony of Rocca.

8. Volunteer. Winter term winding down finds most people with more time on their hands. Take a few hours to help out at Campus Kitchen, The Community Table, the SPCA or one of the local children’s programs. There is no better feeling than giving your time and labor to those who need it.

9. Explore the outskirts of Lexington. Get in your car and drive right past those “Lexington City Limits” signs. When the townie summers get dull, my friends and I have a blast driving around exploring the back roads. We often find incredible views, like at Jacobs Ladder and Lake Robertson. Half of the fun is discovering that most of the old roads eventually connect back to the same place you started.

10. Streak the Colonnade. I can’t leave this one out. Considering that the first documented streaker was caught in 1804 right here at what was then called Washington College, we arguably owe it to our forefathers. Find the time before you graduate to do a mad dash across the ‘Nade…in the nude.