WLUR student DJs return to the airwaves

Music directors hope to attract a new audience of listeners


Lilah Kimble

The WLUR studio is on the bottom floor of Elrod Commons.


WLUR 91.5 FM will begin broadcasting live shows again soon with new COVID-19 guidelines for student DJs.

The student hosted station is broadcasted on the radio nightly and students can sign up to host a show.

Music Director Jackson Cleghorn ‘22, isconfident new pandemic procedures won’t hurt the station’s ability to function.

“We will have a spaced out, reduced sched- ule with one DJ only allowed in the studio at atime,” Cleghorn said.

He said he’s excited about the new plan.

“[It] will keep people safe, especially with an essentially contactless hand off of the air-waves from person to person,” Cleghorn said.

But the station’s annual Open Airwavesevent will not take place.

Cleghorn said, “I’m looking forward totrying new things this year, despite the pandemic. While we can’t do Open Airwaves this year, hopefully we’ll be able to do something even better.”

WLUR General Manager Jeremy Franklin noted the plans to increase social media outreach.

“Outside of the limitations on studio usage, the biggest change that we’ve made is to enhance our social media presence. Anyone who’s interested can follow WLUR 91.5 FM on Instagram, Spotify and Facebook for playlists and additional content beyond what we’re broadcasting on our FM signal/webstream,” Franklinsaid.

Cleghorn said he hopes this will help the WLUR community continue to expand.

“Hopefully, people who don’t usually tune in because of the fast-paced nature of campus life will tune in, bringing us all a little closer together in these trying times,” he said.

Music Director Natasha Gengler ‘22 is excited to finally get back in the studio.

“After a summer of almost fully pre-recorded shows, it’s great to get to hear live shows on the local radio again. Getting in the studio is such an enriching experience and chance to let go and jam out to some music.”